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The following book passage touched me so much and struck a deep chord within me that I decided to take the liberty to include it in my blog.

"Why an angel? Because I believe that, in time, that is what we become in sobriety, if we last long enough, to the end. Not the winged type, no. Not some haloed cupid or sword swinger but a kind of flawed angel, without wings, that belongs to no religion but rather to a species of human heartbreak unlike any other known.

Alcoholics and addicts are unlike any other people I've ever met. I am unlike most people. A blazing mutant of some kind. A wondrous freak. In my mind lurks an urge that will be with me to the end, to put a bottle to my lips and drink myself to death. A judge and jury that I wake up to each morning has pronounced a verdict of guilt on me for no crime that I have committed, just for being alive, and has sentenced me to death, not by guillotine or rope but by a single drink.

It is the strangest thing, this sentence of death, this disease I have which tests me to the max and each day holds my existence accountable to the very universe, a god no religion can know as we drunks know it.

A god of drunks who goes with us into our prisons and gutters, bedrooms and businesses, flophouses and alleys, hospitals and mansions, and patiently waits with hand on our shivering shoulders as we groan through yet one more night of near death, waits to see if maybe this time we've had pain enough, loss enough, enough hangover, illness, fear, to ask for help....

Because when death sits on your shoulder each day, whispering, urging you to your end, there is no time to lose, so much light to grasp for, struggle to embrace. We are struggling with light. And yet we are only human after all, so terribly flawed and foolish, selfish and ridiculous. Sobriety can be messy. At times, I have seemed to myself the most awful of persons. But even then I am ascending, even then I am going up the ladder of light with eyes wide open and hands outstretched, to clasp the next rung up. And I climb."

Taken from "Drunken Angel" by Alan Kaufman.

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Decided to nuke my facebook account and get out of there before it was too late. Obliterated every last remnant of my mind and soul from that evil place. Hopefully, at least. The idea that they can freely abuse my personal information, chop up my DNA and redistribute it randomly, and then make money off of it behind my back is not only unfair but in my view unethical as well. The sad part is that so many poor souls out there still do not realize what they are getting into. Like giving candy to an unknowing and naive kid. Tracking my behavior, saving information about me and analyzing who I am is a repugnant thought. Maybe I am exaggerating and sounding overly emotional, getting slightly paranoid in my old age, but I feel much better now. What a relief, it feels as if I've been liberated just in the nick of time from some entangled web of doom. Good riddance facebook ...

Permanently delete your Facebook account in four easy steps.

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"You should begin moving your app to Ember CLI as soon as possible," writes Tom Dale in The Road to Ember 2.0 RFC #15. My future famous Ember HAL Client has been migrated successfully, thanks.

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Have you ever wondered how many methods Object has in Ruby? Well, here it is.

$ irb
>> Object.methods
=> [:allocate, :new, :superclass, :freeze, :===, :==, :<=>, :<, :<=, :>, :>=, :to_s, :inspect, :included_modules, :include?, :name, :ancestors, :instance_methods, :public_instance_methods, :protected_instance_methods, :private_instance_methods, :constants, :const_get, :const_set, :const_defined?, :const_missing, :class_variables, :remove_class_variable, :class_variable_get, :class_variable_set, :class_variable_defined?, :public_constant, :private_constant, :singleton_class?, :include, :prepend, :module_exec, :class_exec, :module_eval, :class_eval, :method_defined?, :public_method_defined?, :private_method_defined?, :protected_method_defined?, :public_class_method, :private_class_method, :autoload, :autoload?, :instance_method, :public_instance_method, :pretty_print_cycle, :pretty_print, :pretty_print_instance_variables, :pretty_print_inspect, :nil?, :=~, :!~, :eql?, :hash, :class, :singleton_class, :clone, :dup, :taint, :tainted?, :untaint, :untrust, :untrusted?, :trust, :frozen?, :methods, :singleton_methods, :protected_methods, :private_methods, :public_methods, :instance_variables, :instance_variable_get, :instance_variable_set, :instance_variable_defined?, :remove_instance_variable, :instance_of?, :kind_of?, :is_a?, :tap, :send, :public_send, :respond_to?, :extend, :display, :method, :public_method, :singleton_method, :define_singleton_method, :object_id, :to_enum, :enum_for, :pretty_inspect, :equal?, :!, :!=, :instance_eval, :instance_exec, :__send__, :__id__]
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I don't know what we're afraid of
But I know, I don't mind
Oh no, I don't mind
If I fall in love to the sound of birds

Short movie - Laura marling

Also highly recommended: When Brave Bird Saved

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Here is an interesting neuropsychiatric disorder which I think that everyone suffers to one degree or the other, some poor souls worse than others.

Bothersome sounds include: slurping, throat-clearing, people clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, chewing crushed ice, eating, drinking, breathing, sniffing, talking, sneezing, yawning, walking, chewing gum, laughing, snoring, typing on a keyboard, coughing, humming, whistling, singing, saying certain consonants, repetitive sounds ...

Not that I break out into a cold sweat, but getting pretty irritated about something so very trivial is something to be careful about.

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Remember these guys? Planet Claire, Rock Lobster, Private Idaho, 6060-842, Dance This Mess Around, Lava ...

Driving around town and the countryside in my little red Datsun racing car I would crank up their music and feel great singing along. I don't want to go to the devil.

All in all fantastic numbers.

I was honored to witness their very first performance on Saturday Night Live way back on 26 January 1980, and have been hooked ever since.

Here are some More videos for your late night entertainment.

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On the road again, looking around ...

Some call it bad luck, but for me fate is calling.

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Nowadays at the gas station you cannot just fill up your tank and pay for it at the checkout counter without getting flooded with a barrage of questions and entreaties to purchase extra stuff, even though you don't feel like it and just want to get away.

"Do you have a discount card? Would you like to buy one? Would you like to take advantage of our special deal today two candy bars for the price of one? Do you collect stickers to buy gifts? Would you like the receipt? Thank you sir, and have a nice day!"

It's pretty predictable and I always answer the same, "No, no, no, no, no, you too have a good day." Until yesterday, when I answered, "No, no, no, no, see you later."

Wait a minute, what's happening? Something very fishy going on here. Rewinding through my recent memory and scanning the events of the last thirty seconds, my mental analysis pinpointed the anomaly.

I smiled and asked the young lady in a serious voice, "Aren't you going to ask me about the special deal today two candy bars for the price of one?

The poor person blushed and started to speak nervously, "I'm sorry, I forgot to ask you. Really, I'm very very sorry. Please take two for the price of one if you will. Please."

I was just joking but she took me very seriously, like I was going to get her fired. I was some kind of secret agent spying on her for her supervisor and I would report her misconduct immediately, yes I would.

I told her, "Don't worry, I'll try and keep my mouth shut and not tell your boss." Trying to look casual and relaxed, so she would realize there was no danger here at all.

When I left and drove away, I could see her through the glass still looking pretty flabbergasted with a flushed face. It was obvious that I had inadvertently ruined an otherwise pleasant evening. Sorry about that.

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Prijzen en winnaars van 2014

Tijdens de nieuwjaarsreceptie zijn er diverse prijzen uitgereikt op basis van behaalde resultaten in 2014. 

Nogmaals van harte proficiat aan al deze winnaars! 

Golfster en Golfer van het jaar 2014
* De winnaars zijn Lotte Hoekstra en Kiffin Gish. Zij ontvingen volgens traditie een greenfee van Serge Ray.

Birdie klassement 2014 
* De winnaars zijn Annemiek de Langen en Kiffin Gish.

Hans Kruis Bokaal 2014 
* De grootste verlaging in handicap is gerealiseerd door Lotte Hoekstra.
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Now researchers are claiming that more than half the cases of cancer are purely bad luck and have absolutely nothing to do with eating habits, lifestyle or heredity.

The majority of poor folks have absolutely no way of influencing this unfortunate outcome of nature playing with dice. You will be unlucky and just get it or you'll dodge it and follow your fate as it was intended.

To be honest, it's hard to believe one way or the other as scientific research which provided fashionable results a decade ago are replaced by more modern techniques of applied research and statistical mumbo jumbo.

Live one day at a time and you will reach your end just as quickly, or slowly for the others. The roll of nature's dice will be fairly unpredictable so just get on with life and happiness or else.

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You'd think that by now my head would be crammed full enough and there wouldn't be much more room left to learn even more stuff. Yet as this fine and shining pile of books keeps staring at me, I cannot resist sawing through even more interesting books in order to explore more complicated jungles of thought.

These should keep me busy for some time to come, but it being fun reading I think I'll saw through them in no time. Eleven is my lucky number anyway.

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The decision will certainly become a bureaucratic one made by management folks who don't care about the low-level details. So which one will it be?

  • Ember.js – "Framework for Creating Ambitious Web Applications", or
  • AngularJS – "Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework"

So if these so-called enterprise companies have to undergo a big change anyway, and they have to choose between something totally new (Ember) or something new but kind of related to a previous version (Angular), then the choice seems completely predictable though perhaps not the most logical.

Who cares if the next version of Angular is a complete rewrite, oh dear.

Ember will have to appeal to the rest of the world, all those early adopters, starters, and other small to medium sized companies ready to make the transition and start with a clean slate.

For me Angular is merely a tool to build web frameworks (although they claim otherwise), whereas Ember is truly a web framework in itself. I'm choosing to go the Ember way despite the somewhat steep learning curve, never could get into Angular anyway.

The following quote has been borrowed from the Ember Core Concepts section, and explains the essence of this fine framework.


"Ember.js is designed to help developers build ambitiously large web applications that are competitive with native apps. Doing so requires both new tools and a new vocabulary of concepts. We've spent a lot of time borrowing ideas pioneered by native application frameworks like Cocoa and Smalltalk.

However, it's important to remember what makes the web special. Many people think that something is a web application because it uses technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In reality, these are just implementation details.

Instead, the web derives its power from the ability to bookmark and share URLs. URLs are the key feature that give web applications superior shareability and collaboration. Today, most JavaScript frameworks treat the URL as an afterthought, instead of the primary reason for the web's success.

Ember.js, therefore, marries the tools and concepts of native GUI frameworks with support for the feature that makes the web so powerful: the URL."

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Over a period of nearly six months, consisting of several visits to the family doctor, some X-rays followed by more tests and an MRI scan, the results are finally official.

When I arrived at the doctor's office, he smiled and asked me if I was nervous. I answered no, but I was a bit afraid that after so much research they hadn't found anything. That perhaps it was all in my mind.

Don't worry he said, we definitely found something. That's when I started to get nervous. In the back of my mind, I feared that my golfing career was over. I'd have to relearn the sport from a wheelchair, and it would be frustrating.

Turns out that the diagnosis is a so-called a bone bruise. Like a normal bruise to the skin which turns black and blue, but this takes place inside of the bone tissue.

This is exactly what it looked like in the scan picture.

He showed me the pictures of the MRI scan, and indeed I could perceive quite clearly a whitish blob. Quite large I would say, as the pain was pretty much localized to a smaller almost pinpoint area. Unlike a normal skin bruise, this type of bruising is more painful and takes much longer to heal, up to six months or even a year. Excess fluid fills up within the bone tissue, and the body has to work extra hard drying to dissolve and remove this minor blood spill.

So I guess that's positive news. Just have to be patient and let nature take its normal course of healing slowly but surely. Now that it's winter, I do not need to play that much golf, maybe just hit balls on the driving range once in awhile and putt around. Trying to swing a club from a wheelchair would not have been easy.

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I've been staring at this screen all day, it was supposed to be my day off. Trying to learn new stuff is really addictive sometimes. Especially when it's cold and raining outside, and I cannot play any golf.

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Punish them all for they speak too much
Hate the world for what it did to us
Will I ever see heaven again?

Laura Marling

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Every generation has it's own collection of fashionable sayings which tend to be overused. Through this overuse, their scope gets expanded to include a wide range of meaning, way beyond the initial definition.

I cannot count the number of times a day I hear people repeating the words "cool" and "awesome", as if the world around us is an absolutely amazing place. Awesome.

In my days we used to say "groovy" and "neat" once in awhile as our words of choice. Repeat: once in awhile, not all of the time like now. Some people I know say "cool" at least a hundred times an hour. I don't think I ever used "groovy" more than a few times in a whole day.

I'm sure that my parents couldn't figure it out although my peers and I were connected by these sayings. Cool.

In the same vein, I can kind of figure out what "cool" means, because it's similar to how "groovy" sounds. However, "awesome" is way off the board to me and too easily exaggerated these days.

Here, I brought you some donuts for breakfast. Awesome. Let's sit down together and discuss things in more detail. Cool.

I wonder what kind of newfangled lingo the next generation will come up with in order to embellish life's meanings even more.

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This morning I had my appointment at Medinova Clinic which specializes in knee injuries in addition to a whole plethora of other sport-related problems.

They took several x-rays of my left knee: front, back, lying down, standing up, bent slightly. I wasn't that nervous until the female assistant asked me if I had been operated on before. Fortunately Marlies was there at my side and gave me comfort afterwards while we sat in the waiting room.

After nearly an hour, the orthopedic surgeon asked me into his office. He seemed like a nice guy and wanted to speak English to me (he thought I came from the UK). Turns out that there's 0.0% trace (nul comma nul) of any wear and tear. He showed me the x-rays and my bones looked perfectly sharp and smoothly formed, as if they had been created by a loving and perfect God only minutes before. What a relief.

He felt around my knee and made me move it around in various directions. Does this hurt? And this? How about if I do this? He was very quick and figured it out in no time. I think he had a very strong suspicion but was careful to give me the facts before there was proof.

Next step is to get an MRI scan done since the x-rays had not shown anything visible. It is more than likely an issue with the outside of my meniscus, some slight injury there which refuses to recover fully.

So what's the prognosis? The doctor couldn't say and needed more data from the scan. Probably arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus if possible. Something loose, a minute tear, who knows what.

This is what Diclofenac looks like

For the time being, my daily dosage of Diclofenac will keep me going. It's a miracle drug which nearly kills off all pain completely.

Next week the MRI scan and the week after that the doctor's conclusion. Fortunately it's winter and freezing cold, so if I need to take a break from golf for a couple weeks it won't be such a sacrifice.

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At least that is what the display in my car is telling me, although it feels much colder than that outside. Fortunately when I turn on the heater full blast, my car warms up within five minutes.

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This is the manly tale of those four fine souls who in search of some form of immortality spent the day at The Dutch fighting it out for LAST PLACE. Who could have ever predicted what would happen?!

The two Future-Famous-Americans (Michael and Kiffin) took up arms and made battle with the Double-Dutchies (Onno and Patrick). Nothing could have been more exciting. On the first tee, these golfing warriors were primed up to plug it out to the very end. To be remembered in the annals of golfing history, next to Ben Hogan and the rest.

After the first two holes it was all square just buddies with buddies, but after that all hell broke loose. Highlighted by an amazing birdie putt by Mike on the sixth hole, the streak of excellence put the American heroes at no less than six up after eight holes, and then five up at the turn. No problem though, just coasting along.

That's when Patrick started using those mental/abusive vocal tactics that have made him a notorious player in the past. He opened his mouth (again) and started rambling endlessly, on and on about the Zwarte Piet controversy which occupies Dutch newspapers and radio shows, how it's a fine tradition ad infinitum.

It has absolutely nothing to do with golf, I know. But seeing how emotional and irritated Kiffin had become (strongly against Zwarte Piet which is a colonial hangover that needs to be abolished immediately just like the royal family), Patrick kept saying it's okay to be racial by dressing blacked-faced idiots in crazy slave outfits, it's all in good taste for the kids so that's alright.

During important shots or difficult putts that Kiffin was put under pressure to make, Patrick blabbed out something like: it's just a children's game, they get black from chimney ash, it has nothing to do with slavery, in America they shoot blacks on the street, etc. Yes, his strategy was starting to work on the opponents who were unraveling. This Patrick guy is sneaky but clever!

By the fifteenth hole the Double-Dutchies had slowly but surely made an amazing comeback. They were all square with the (now) El-Sucko Americans. All dormie with only three holes to go, what were the chances? I mean really?! Hope Patrick doesn't mention Zwarte Piet again, he seems to have forgotten. The Dutchies win on sixteen and then they do the same on seventeen, getting pretty exciting. Dormie with only one more hole to go.

Last hole for the symbolic last stretch. Everyone pulls the ball left except for Kiffin who as "always" splits the fairway in half with an amazing drive heard round the world, 250 meters give or take. Michael then also knocks a sweet hybrid down the middle. Onno and Patrick hack and fumble their way forward from rough to sandtrap to rough again. Things do not look good for them at all. Like taking candy from a baby.

Ho hum, history is quite unpredictable in more ways than one. Forget about the annals of golfing history. Camera zooms in and the public is silent. Kiffin hits a five iron into the water, then Michael fluffs an easy wedge into the water again. Two measly looking splashes and they are on the green in seven. Patrick and Onno are on the green in five end up winning the hole with a double-bogie which is no match for the quadruple bogie.

All in all we are happy to announce that there is no absolute loser anymore, there never was and there never will be. We pulled off the impossible and are tied at 1-1. We proudly cherish our single point which no one can take away from us anymore!

From left to right: Onno, Kiffin, Michael and Patrick.

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On my drive back home from work this afternoon, I was letting my thoughts ramble away as always and was struck by an interesting insight. Just came up with the idea that when my father was my age now, I was seventeen years old which is forty years ago. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but it was. Wouldn't it be even more interesting if forty years ago my father had had a similar insight while he was driving home? On closer inspection of my memory, I am disappointed to realize that this is not possible. My father's father died at the age of fifty years, before my father turned thirty and more than a decade before I was even born. However, it might still have been possible, if things had turned out differently.

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Hitting my hybrid on the driving range during evening practice.

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The future is uncertain, but I remain adamant and well-prepared for whatever might come my way.

That's why I decided to sharpen my programming skills further by refreshing my knowledge of Ruby, Rails and Ember. Lots of reading and practicing to do, great stuff to look forward to figuring out.

Long live convention over configuration.

I'm never too old to learn new stuff. Perhaps I should just retire early and become a gardener for fun and relaxation (not).

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A wooden bench where you can rest and prepare yourself mentally before hitting your drive on the most difficult twelfth hole of the golf course (how very appropriate I would think).

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For some strange reason, my random banner image was not being refreshed. Indeed the first time my blog was fired up in the browser, the banner would be random, but after that every refresh displayed the same image. As it turns out, it was necessary to include the following headers in my HTTP response.

Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
Pragma: no-cache
Expires: Wed, 11 Jan 1984 05:00:00 GMT

Pretty simple, don't you think?

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Purchased this game for my tablet and I really like it, very peaceful and meditative, challenging enough to keep my mind sharp while at the same time making me feel more relaxed about life.

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My father was in the navy during the second world war fighting in the Pacific.

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Philae starts the journey down to Comet 67P.

I've been anxiously waiting for something like this to happen since I watched the first lunar landing many years ago

Philae's Landing Through Rosetta's Eye

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This is the way that ember.js does it.

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Slowly but surely it has been getting darker earlier, especially now that daylight savings has reverted to winter time just last weekend.

This means that when I drive to work it is still dark, and by the time I get to the driving range after my work, it is nearly dark.

In a few more weeks winter will have kicked in for good. Not really something for me to look forward to. Grin and bear it, and before long spring will be on its way,

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