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This personal weblog was started way back on July 21, 2001 which means that it is 7-21-2001 old.

So far this blog contains no less than 2486 entries and as many as 1877 comments.

Recent Entries

  • De Koepel
    Played at De Koepel golf course today in preparation of next week's big senior championship. About a two hour drive to get there, but ... >>
  • The old man who couldn't stop running
    Whenever we visit my elderly relative in the care home, and the weather being suitable enough, we take her downstairs to have a nice ... >>
  • Imaginary barbed wires
    How often in the past have ignorant ivory tower government officials tried to impose supposedly inane IT security measures, which on closer inspection are ... >>
  • What does ChatGPT really have to offer?
    Despite the huge hype about ChatGPT these days, I still entertain a negative feeling towards all of the so-called amazing promises that this wonderful ... >>
  • 2e plaats
    What a great privilege it was for me to be the captain of such a fantastic team. Ending up second place is a great ... >>