Month: January 2011

I choose to commute to Frankfurt using the ICE high-speed train because of it's comfort and speed, so paying that little bit extra is worth it.

Lately though, I've been plagued by various inconveniences like bad weather, technical problems, evening constructions, and most recently an accident right before Arnhem which blocked all trains for a couple hours.

The worse part is not so much the delays as it is having to transfer trains, from one side of the platform to the other or walking up and down stairs lugging my heavy baggage to the other platform way down to the other side of the station.

Most of the travelers are just like me, carrying tons of luggage and extra bags of goodies and such. You have to lift off your heavy bag from above, squeeze down the isles and hop off of the train in search of the transfer point.

Once there, you have to squeeze back in, a complex traffic jam inside as folks meet and have to pass one another along a thin isle not made for two-way traffic.

The first week I felt exhilarated by the comfort and speed of the ICE train, thinking wow this is great, but not anymore.

I have a simple choice. Expect and accept delays as they arise, grab a book and relax. Or get all upset and tense, making things even worse because of a lousy attitude.

Now whenever I have to pass all of the grumpy fellow travelers, I just smile and hop temporarily on a vacant seat, until the masses have continued there ways and I can search out my reserved seat next to the window.

On this line, I travel from Utrecht to Frankfurt.

If all goes well, my travel itinerary looks something like this:

  • Home to Gouda Train Station - 10 minutes.
  • Gouda to Utrecht by train - 20 minutes.
  • Wait in Utrecht - 15 minutes.
  • Utrecht to Frankfurt by train - 3 hours 55 minutes.
  • Wait in Frankfurt - 10 minutes.
  • S-Bahn from Frankfurt to Eschborn Sud - 12 minutes.
  • Walk to my apartment - 20 minutes.

Total time from door to door: 5 hours and 37 minutes. Fortunately, my apartment is only a ten minute walk to work, which makes up for all of that traveling.

Yesterday, I challenged the elements by playing my first round of golf of the year. My dear friend nature was unable to stop me with her stormy winds and mighty bursts of intense drizzle. At one point, the wind was blowing so hard that the flags were bent over sideways at nearly ninety degree angles to the ground. With the wind at my back those drives really flew, but then the wind blew straight into my teeth and I became quite humble again.

Considering that I hadn't touched a golf club in almost two months, I managed quite well in hitting the ball, even smashing a couple of impressive drives. One cannot expect miracles on the first day back, but the wonderful feeling of contacting the ball smoothly and forcedly makes me want to come back for more.

I wonder of it'd be worth the hassle of lugging my set of clubs with me to Frankfurt this week. In the evenings, I could swing them around in my apartment and putt a few shots in search of that unattainable perfect feeling.

This year I will have less free time, so I will have to resist the urge to practice golf too much. Instead, I will pursue a healthy and strong attitude on a daily basis, focusing on intense, high-quality 18 hole moments of truth when those days arrive to inspire me on.

During the Nieuwjaarstoespraak 2011 at the golf club, the following announcement was made:

"Eerste en winnaar van de Hans Kruis bokaal met een verlaging met van 12.0 naar 8.2 is Kiffin Gish. Zo zie je wat er kan gebeuren als je meer tijd hebt om te golfen zoals Kiffin."

I feel honored and excited to have won this prize. My goal last year was to get my handicap below ten, but I did better than that.

I ate very moderately, didn't have a single drop of alcohol, refrained from setting off a single firework, went to bed by one thirty in the morning, got up early, and had an invigorating run through the cold countryside before it got dark again.

Getting boring and predictable is part of my life right now, preferring structure and a healthy mind over all that craziness, insane parties and hangovers. Now it's time to go upstairs and read a book. What's happening to me lately?

Have a really fun, relaxing and fantastic 2011 everyone, tackling the many challenges of the upcoming year, and finding enough time between to enjoy the true meaning of life.

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