Month: December 2010

Once more Christmas has passed by and a brand new yet unknown year awaits us ahead. One wonders what the best way is to prepare for the upcoming challenges and how to enter the unknown without too many worries or concerns.

Just letting it happen and experiencing each day as it comes is one approach, probably the healthiest way to survive life, maximizing happiness along the way.

Another approach is to identify the risks ahead of time and lead a defensive existence so that if there are any setbacks you are prepared to deal with them accordingly.

The first approach seems the most normal, experiencing things on a day by day basis, and as long as nothing really disastrous occurs, you will enjoy life as usual.

Being ready for the worse is also a good strategy but by continuously being on guard we end up living a tense and stressful existence.

Perhaps somewhere between these two extremes is the optimal path to follow.

We had some pretty heavy snowfall during the night.

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