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What an exciting afternoon it was. I was six under par for the round with not a single three putt. Pretty amazing.

Well, at least that was on the practice putting green, but it is still a pretty good accomplishment which took me an hour and a half to achieve.

During golf practice I try to be creative and make up challenges in order to improve my game. One such challenge takes place on the putting green and goes like this:

  • Start somewhere random on the putting green with your three luckiest golf balls.
  • Choose one practise hole, either in the clockwise or the counter-clockwise direction, and putt the three balls in the hole.
  • This is your starting and finishing hole. You will be playing all the holes keeping along the perimeter of the green as much as possible.
  • The goal is to make it once around the perimeter, playing each hole in order until the finishing hole.
  • You must putt every single ball no matter how close it is to the hole, no gimmies.
  • If you three putt then you have to start all over again.
  • If the ball goes off of the green, e.g. onto the fringe or further, you also have to start all over again.
  • When starting over, if you are more than two holes away, you may optionally putt back to the starting hole. Sink this long putt, and you do not have to start over. Simply continue playing where you left off (after you gleefully walk to the hole, grab the ball out, and return). However, if you three putt any of the balls (making it two three putts in a row), you cannot begin until you have putted back and forth between the same two holes without a single three putt.
  • The rules above are repeated until one circuit around the perimeter of the green is completed, of course trying to get the lowest score possible.
  • An ace is counted as one under (a birdie) and a two is considered a par. A three putt, just as in real life, is a big bad no-no for which you are severely punished.

So far my record is six under which I tied today. This I was able to achieve despite the fact that it was raining down pretty hard, rain drops falling from the visor of my cap and all of those grass blades clogging up my putter.

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