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Today is indeed a very big historical moment in the life and times of the upcoming company to be called Kiffin-dot-org. Time to celebrate.

The reason is that I found my very first investor who is willing to offer some venture capital to a worthy cause. I didn't even have to ask first, as this person just came up to me on her own and volunteered out of the blue. Who is this person you may ask? Well, believe it or not it is my good ol' Dutch mother-in-law (schoonmoeder). She gets a very special thanks from me, as well as a big kiss and a hug. Wow, does that really make a difference. I assure her that her money will be in good hands. The extra funding will prove to be a worthy and lucrative investment, that's for sure. For the time being this will help out alot with the basic beginning stuff I need for the infrastructure, mostly equipment, an accountant and training purposes. This month I have to fork out an arm and a leg for a so-called Web Analytics Technical Mastery training program as well as a couple of workshops for starting entrepreneurs organized by the Chamber of Commerce, so the money will certainly come in handy.

For startup firms with exceptional growth potential like mine, risk capital is an essential element for a new business venture in its earliest stage of development. Otherwise it just falls flat on its face.

Thanks alot Mrs. Karssemeijer. Heel erg bedankt!


Hi Kiffin, This is my first stop here in cyber-gish-land today! Really! If I had some extra money laying around, I would invest in you, and if I had more talent, we could go into business together! Best of luck...

Welcome back Pat and thanks alot for your kind words. Maybe you don't have as much money as you would like right now, but I know for a fact that your talent is no less than phenomenal.

Exciting news indeed, Kiffin! You've obviously got what it takes to be successful, and now you have something more....momentum!

I am new to the internet and I am surfing here and this is so cool. I did a search in the search engines on "accountants" and I found your web blog.
I am a chartered accountant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and thus my interest in searching for "accountant" on the WWW.
I just wanted to see how the rest of the world thinks about chartered accountants and see what trends and technology are happening in the accounting world. It is quite interesting, the different things discussed on a website found by searching for "accountant" in the search engine.

Respectly yours
Stephen J.
A Halifax Chartered Accountant

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