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As if change of fate does not influence the immediate surroundings in strange and mysterious ways, I randomly happened to discover an interesting link in my latest BBC Science weekly email newsletter.

Have you resolved to start the new year with a new career? What do you want from a job? Take the careers test and find out what sort of work might suit your style.

Don't forget that while taking this questionnaire, you should not worry about whether you have the necessary abilities, just about what "most appeals" to you.

There are six types of person defined and this is how I scored:

Might suit my interests and preferences:
+ Social
+ Enterprising
+ Artistic
+ Investigative

Less likely to suit my interests:
+ Realistic
+ Conventional

My results are kind of boring. Nothing really out of the ordinary that I did not know already. Would be curious however to hear from others how they scored and if they were enlightened by the results.

There are all kinds of other psychological tests available here for those interested in learning more about themselves in a pseudo-scientific way.


Hi Kif, I too took the test as I was intrigued. And, I had similar outcome to you: artistic, investigative and social being what might suit me with the other three being, of course, least likely to interest me based on my answers.

I bookmarked the site to go back and have another look at other quizzes. Thanks for the link. :-)

My least likely were Enterprising and Realistic. I'm not a bit surprised. Neat quiz, though.

I love quizzes that affirm what I had already suspected about myself. :-) Mine told me that I was artistic and realistic (and a couple others I forget now), but definitely not interested in conventional or enterprising positions. The other quizzes are really cool, too - the face-attraction analyzer in particular.

Would you say that quizzes that tell you what you already knew are really that useful? Maybe they are in that they reaffirm who you "thought" you are but were too hesitant to know for sure.

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