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Alright, so I finally have gotten so overly fed up with those droves of spam emails the flood my in-box everyday that it is time to do something about them. After having read the article Spam-Proofing Your Website, I have taken some of their suggestions at heart and have begun to cloak all email addresses displayed on my homepage and blog. You see, there are millions of so-called spam harvesters crawling all over the Internet, consuming page after page and extracting all the discovered emails. To be used for junk email, those jerks. I am curious if I will now be getting less junk email (about 60 per day and growing).

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
// Try and spoof those nasty spambots!
  document.write('<a href="' + 'ma' + 'ilto:k');
  document.write('iffin' + '&#064;' + 'cyber-gi');
  document.write('' + '">' + 'kiffin (at) ');
  document.write('cyber-gish' + '</a>');

And this is what all that mumbo-jumbo code (hopefully) looks like after it has been parsed by your internet browser and presented in readable form: [ ]

Now be honest. If you were a spam-bot, would you be able to figure out what this is? I've heard that they are getting pretty smart lately, even able to scan Javascript code and understanding it, but I doubt very much if this can ever be understood.

Here is an email encoder site which you might find useful, or you can also try out this anti-spam obfuscator.


I use a similar system like this on my site and every site that I use. the only spam that i get to my email is directly related to sites that i have registered with that email address.

That's still the big problem, where one's email address is peppered all over the place on different Internet sites. Just have to get this spam prevention thing better known and accepted universally.

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