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This is my very first state-of-the-art pretty-dang-advanced Java applet I have ever created in my whole life:

Click me please.
The very first Java applet ever.

Just click anywhere within the empty white rectangle above to see what happens. Are you impressed or what? Not too bad for a middle-aged nerd who has nothing better to do at the moment than create pseudo computer art and fluff his feathers about it. Let's just say that I never cease to amaze myself. Some day they will have to lock me up in a cell full off random colors.

Sorry, but this will only work on Java-enabled browsers. Better luck next time, and in the meantime do us all a favor and upgrade your old-fashioned Internet browser please.


cool - yes - very cool - now your homework for the evening is to have it change colors every time someone clicks - i sure don't have the answer because I have no clue how to do it - but i get the since that it can be done (now i sound like my boss telling me to figure something out just because he thinks it CAN be figured out)

No good on my Mac with IE 5.2.1, I will check it out with my other browser.......

It crashed my Chimera (Navigator) browser, but it is a beta version, I bet it is their problem, not yours! I can't wait to see what you have created!

Alright Stu, thanks for the homework for my late night entertainment. I changed it so that each mouse click generates a random color in sequence. Is that okay boss?

Chimera, Chimera, what are you doing with Chimera? Isn't that some kind of Mozilla thing?

Good work Kiffin. If you were working in my office - I would give you a gold quarter that you would use in the magic gumball machine to try and get an scratch lottery ticket or an extra day paid vacation.

ooooo - wicked - i just noticed that if you have clicked on the "thingee" before and then use the scroll wheel on the mouse - it changes color on every roll! fun stuff!

Hey yeah, didn't at first catch the wonderful scrolling effect. Pretty cool. Not a bad extra effect that I decided to include unintentionally, don't you think? Now I have to figure how to turn it off.

Never had a gold quarter before, just wooden nickels.

Now it works here on my Mac with IE! Yes, Chimera is a great browser (that I don't use) from Mozilla. I checked it there too, and it crashed it again. very cool! I like it!!!!!

You know, everyone (including you Pat) has been saying that the Mac is one cool super-deluxe machine for real heroes -- I paraphrase. But when it comes to browser compatibility there are sure alot of hopeless problems still hanging around.

Now Now Kiffin, Apple didn't make the browser, Microsoft did! Did you know the colors change when you use your scroll mouse to move your page down! Cool!!

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