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One thing that drives me completely and absolutely crazy is when my computer screen gets filled with smudges. This is caused by the many (usually dirty and/or pretty greasy) fingers of my children which they use to point at various items of interest. I must have told them a million times not to touch the screen. Do NOT touch the screen! Often enough I catch them red-handed, in the process of holding their forefinger so that it (almost) makes solid contact with the moving animation. Stop or else. Do not touch the screen. How many times do I have to tell you guys?! I grab the Glass-ex and cloth and go to work on the smudges until the screen is as clean as it could ever be. Maybe even cleaner than when it was delivered to my doorstep. My kids reaction is predictable: c'mon quit exaggerating, you are always doing that! I figure that if I spray the Glass-ex on the screen at precisely the wrong moment when they are in an important multi-player shoot out or when there is only two more seconds to make a move, obscuring their view with the rubbing rag which completely covers the screen, that by getting them mad enough they would remember. Now if they would be careful and NOT touch the screen like I have told them a million times, then their old man would not pop up at exactly the wrong moment for these cleaning shenanigans. But then again, they never learn, never care to remember. There are more important things in life at that age than becoming fixated by smudges. Perhaps there must be some kind of compromise. I could be exaggerating by getting so overly upset by a couple of tiny smudges that the normal human eye could barely make out unless it inspects that corner more closely. Ah there it is that bugger! But it bothers me, so there. I spray another layer of Glass-ex just in case I might have missed another invisible smudge. You never know what you might happen to discover upon closer inspection. Or even miss altogether and not see for some reason, so just eradicate all potential smudge areas just in case.


Adaption of Murphy's Laws :: The cleaner the screen starts, the more smudges it receives.

Perhaps we can market a new product. This is an offshoot from the idea of disposable toilet seat covers. Have disposable screen protectors. Can you imagine having something like a roll of cling wrap attached to the top of the screen. Roll it out to a clean area and rip the old stuff off. Probably not worth the development time, but I am sure that someone would buy it!

It's Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Kiff, no big deal ::grin::. The best of us suffer from some form of it.

Hey, is that a spot on your screen?

How about an invention that is a network of invisible wires across your screen. This is then attached to a small? power supply so that whenever the screen is touched it gives the toucher a shock.

What the hell - it worked for Pavlov!

The problem with Pavlov is that it was the ringing of a bell when the dog expected food and it resulted in saliva forming. Saliva on the scream is not good either. Interesting idea about the invisible wires, though. But how about horizontal as well as vertical diodes in series hooked up to lasers? They would zap any object getting too close to the screen. A nice clean pin-sized hole is ideal in that it shocks the intruder and does not leave any lasting injuries.

Great idea! The heat from the laser would cauterise the wound as well so that any injuries would be non life threatening.

Thanks for this post. My feelings exactly (glad I'm not the only one)
But then again my daughter does not need any Pavlov-measurements anymore, she has learned!
(Noor is a few years older then Maarten...)

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