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Let's see now, how many joints of my body can I crack? A whole lot, that's for sure. Well, there are my eight fingers and my two thumbs, that's ten, two extra low dull cracks per thumb and three additional snaps for each finger (two sideways and one downward), that's twenty-six more thus thirty-six total. Then come my two elbows, two knee caps, twice the metacarpals of my feet, two big toes and the other eight toes, that's sixteen more joints bringing the total to fifty-two cracks. My back at three places, fifty-five. And then there is my neck, three (sometimes four) wonderful release cracks like a machine gun going off. Sixty-one (sometimes sixty-three). There are also a number of micro-cracks sometimes available by twisting my pinkies and/or ring fingers a certain way. Okay, on average ten extra micro-cracks totaling to one good full crack making it sixty-four. Sometimes sixty-five that is. That's a good many cracks per cycle. Over a good day I can repeat this sixty-four crack cycle perhaps let's say eight times bring a grand total of five hundred twelve cracks. On occasion I can even crack the cartilage of my nose, does that count? Make that five hundred thirteen cracks total then. Hard to believe that there are some people out there who rarely have a single crack in a day nor in a week nor rarely ever. And then when a finger is accidentally bent too far back and cracks, these people scream in subdued pain and disgust as if cracking one's knuckles is a terrible thing to let happen.

So what is knuckle cracking anyway? According to the article Do people who crack their knuckles get arthritis? it says:

"The mechanism by which clicking noises can be produced by extreme pulling, twisting, flexion, or extension of joints is well established. When a joint is deformed in this way, the pressure in the joint space decreased, and a CO2 filled cavity forms in the synovial fluid. The pressure in the cavity is lower than that in the surrounding fluid, so the fluid quickly rushes into the cavity. This sudden implosion of the cavity is thought to be what causes the distasteful cracking sound. Interestingly, tiny bubbles of CO2 remain in the synovial fluid, taking about 15 minutes to be reabsorbed. This explains why a knuckle cannot be recracked immediately."

Each crack feels really really good, as if I am addicted to some cracking drug, but the pleasures last no more than a second or two, including the after effects. Crack, yes, all gone, for a time at least. For each joint that cracks one has to wait around ten minutes before the next time it can be cracked, but the longer you wait the better the crack. The first crack is always by far the best, with each following crack less fulfilling depending on how long you wait in-between cracks. Stop that, stop cracking your knuckles! Sorry, I cannot help it. I am tensed up inside, I am restless, I am insecure and so it is necessary to crack every single possible metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint in my body that is even remotely possible to crack. When I was around ten or so I learned for the first time that I could crack my fingers. What a major discovery that was. Almost as good as the day I first learned to burp on command. Slowly this cracking urge spread to the other parts of my body. Something one is born with and in adolescence comes into fulfillment, you might say. When I wake up, especially from a long deep motionless slumber, my stiffness thaws and then explodes with all kinds of random cracks whichever way I move, twist or turn. Like an ice-breaker crackling through the frozen sea of the morning. Crack, crack, snap and pop.

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Joint-cracking is one of those insanely fun things to do to people who don't like it. From sitting at my computer all day, I can crack unusual things like my elbows and my neck (but not the way most people do it.) I think it's just that your joint sits in a position for a long time and those bubbles build up, which makes for good cracking opportunities. Quite often, I will not be able to fully extend a joint because it needs to be cracked so bad. Perhaps I need to get up from the computer a little more often . . .

They say that sitting behind a computer is bad for you, but it is definitely good for knuckle cracking, that's for sure. Interesting point that a given limb will not function properly until it is cracked. Not everyone has this problem I think, only those that have developed this awful knuckle cracking habit in the first place.

I do LOVE to crack my knuckles. My back is saved for those special occasions. Once in a while I can focus in on a particular joint, like my wrist, and spin it it certain ways as to crack - reload - crack - reload ... I don't think that is the same as the CO2 thing, probably just some sick genetic deformity, but it still gives me pleasure. And it helps give conversations a little jump start. When the talk dies down and people seem to be getting nervous waiting for the next thing to say CRRRRRACK and people will be appalled and then start talking about cracking. Such a universal tool it is!!!

Thanks for the tip Stu. I tried your trick during the last meeting I had. Everyone was tense because it was a review of a technical specification that still had alot of work to be done. As I was chairman of this tense situation, I interlaced my fingers and gave a nice big row of cracks which echoed out loud. Unfortunately everyone was disgusted and it didn't help things at all! Oh well, I guess like you say cracking can be the right tool if used correctly in the appropriate circumstances.

I'm a "cracker" to speak. I crack my thumbs, my forefinger, my middle finger. I don't crack my ring finger or my pinky. I crack my back and sometimes my shoulders accidentally pop by themselves. I'm afraid to crack my neck because I'm afraid I'll kill myself. ::giggle::

And might I just say I can't believe I've commented so many times on your site. Wow, I'm a comment whore, aren't I?

I have exactly the same eerie feeling when I crack my neck, wondering if when I do it I will end up paralyzed the rest of my life or even kill myself. But the primal urge to crack is too irresistible that even the throes of death are not enough to prevent me from cracking.

truly, people love doing so, and so do i!
but there are theorys about cracking knuckles is bad for you. it will lead lead to athuritis, etc.
is it really bad???
i crack 2 joints on each finger, 1 on each thumb, 2 or 3 times on each side of the neck, 4 times on the upper back and 4 times on lower back. 2 knee caps. 10 toes2 times on each wrist.
that is pritty scary. i am trying to stop, because i play piano and i know it is bad for you.
it is very addictive and hard to stop.
i am still tyring to lay off it. it is like a drug.

Cracking toes is fun....specially the small toe on the end

I crack every joint you mentioned, plus shoulders, chest, hips, jaws, ankles, and if I get down on the floor I can get in an extra one per knee..
I read somewhere cracking joints releases endorphins. If so, I would think it is very possible to be addicted to it, in the same way one can become addicted to sex or chocolate.

That is an intriguing idea that knuckle-cracking releases endorphins. That would explain why it feels oh-so-good and we keep having to do it. But I must admit that this addiction is certainly different from chocolate and on a completely different level than sex.

I've been cracking every knuckle of my fingers for twenty some years at least -- constantly. Some fingers more than others, especially my right pinky and it's neighbor. It really has taken over a great chunk of my life. As a younger child, I rotated through a number of nervous types of movements such as eye blinking, neck jerking, wrist bending, etc. I need to stop! How do I stop?!

kiffin - maybe you can help....

Been surfing on the web looking for the pros & cons over cracking. The consensus seems to be that no, it does not cause arthritis, but it could cause joint damage and loss of hand strength in later years.
I've been cracking for over 25 years (neck, spine, fingers, toes) and don't like terribly the idea of not being able to open a jar in my old age. But the news is not enough to make me stop. It feels good--joints feel stiff, I need to crack. When I crack my neck, one friend comments, "That's what I pay my chiropractor to do." My husband hates cracking, it makes him jump. I have to issue a warning before doing so in his presence. In any event, I'm not a-every-15-minute-charge-up kind of cracker, on average I guess I go through the rounds about 2 or 3 time a day, maybe more if I'm under pressure. What if I keep up the cracking but say, do hand exercises on a squeezy ball as a preventative measure?

You would be surprised how many folks there are out there who are concerned about the ill effects of knuckle cracking. In fact, this site receives on average several Google search referrals a week about cracking toes, the neck or whatever. I am not enough of a qualified "crackologist" to give a dependable judgment on this fascinating subject. But just let me say that I believe that while the disadvantages in old age may arise, the advantages during the rest of your life (release of tension, feeling good, etc.) seem to more than outweigh them.

I am 28 and I have been cracking my fingers and toes for as long as I can remember. Its really relaxing for me. Sometimes I do it in the middle of the night when I rollover, I feel that I am convinced that there is not enough evidence to support this habit causing arthritis however I would like to stop, I just cant, any suggestions???

im sixteen and have been cracking my neck for at least two years...usually the best feeling is when i wake up but i crack my neck at least 5 times a day without fail in two places. Usually there is about four cracks on each side of the neck. unfortunatly i have recently been suffering from very sharp pains on one side of my neck and im convinced this has been caoused by my cracking. Despite this situation i cannot stop so im all for the endorphins phiolosophy. I also crack my back and all fingers and toes and occansionaly my hip and knesscaps if they are "charged".

I am 25 and been cracking my neck since I was 17. After about 3 years, I did feel sharp pains doing it, but they passed. I do find it relaxing. 8 years on and my neck is now 'loose' and this looseness causes my neck to crack itself in normal motions. Whatever joy people get from cracking, I must say I regret starting it (after seeing a friend do it). I feel it is damaging in the medium term and I fear what pain I will feel in the long term.

There are sure alot of people out there who love to crack their various knuckles either out of free will or a some sense of urgency. This embarrassing habit should certainly be taken more seriously than it is. Is this normal behavior, a natural result of the pressures of society or just plainly our own darned faults?

I'm 15, and I've been cracking my knuckles since kindergarten, when I saw my brother doing it. I used to just do my fingers and toes, but over the years I've begun to do my knees, neck and back too. I'm really scared I might really hurt my neck or my back if I keep cracking like this. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to stop?

Im doing a College Writing 12 paper asking the question Why do people Crack their knuckles? How does it work? and What are the effects? So far I've found the answer of how it works and some effects, but there seem to be many reasons why people do it. I always thought people cracked their knuckles when they were nervous...but now I'm seeing that sometimes people crack knuckles and other joints to loosen them. I crack my back because of this reason. It's disgusting, but I can't help it. It feels much better after being cracked.

If anyone knows a very technical site about this topic please send it to me via email!
Thank you so much!

I crack my knuckles because of an underlying urge which I cannot resist. Could it be some form of compulsion? Whenever I crack my knuckles I have this really great feeling, almost ecstatic to say the least, although it lasts just an instant. Could it be some hormone or other chemical stimulant that is released in my blood and goes right to the pleasure centers of my brain? If I could, I would crack my knuckles endlessly the whole day long, but unfortunately I have to wait at least ten minutes between each crack (and of course that would not be socially acceptable nor fair to those poor souls next to me).

I have been cracking my fingers for as far as I remember, then I found out I could also crack my toes, and then my ankles, neck, wrists, shoulders, hips, back... It's getting out of control. I have to have my roommate step on my spine to crack it or I cant move or breathe properly. I used to crack my knuckles for pleasure, but it;s become a necessity...

Has anyone read anything scientific about the charging/releasing sensation associated with cracking? I crack most places, although my lower back seems to have lost the ability to crack, yet sometimes I really want it to, and end up acting like a cork screw.

it does feel good but i'm worried about self damage. i'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this; i've been cracking my knuckles since who knows when. after periods of cracking a lot, my knuckles feel swollen, and painful. my tendons are also quite big, and on my first two fingers i can move them back and creeps the hell outta a lot of people.

first thing in the morning neck cracks back tenses up if i don't crack it to the point of causing discomfort.

i crack my knuckles, thumbs, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, back, hips, kneecaps (two different ways), ankle and toes.

I think that as far as the self damage is concerned, it is not as bad as people make it out to be. Just a big bad myth. I mean the scientific community has never even come close to proving that it is "really" that bad for you, now have they? Moving your two fingers back and forth so weirdly probably is more due to being slightly double-jointed than any collateral damage received during excessive episodes of knuckle cracking. Maybe we should stop feeling guilty about it and just start enjoying the cracking sensation as it was always meant to be.

I have been "addicted to crack" for as long as I can remember. I love the feel of it and it is truly an addiction. Fingers in 2 places, thumbs in 3, wrists, elbows, neck, back, jaw, nose, sternum, hips, knees, toes, and even, I'll admit in anonymity, erect penis. The ball & socket joints of my hips are by far the best. Only occassionally have I gotten a blissful pop out of my shoulders. As this is the last "uncorrupted" joint in my body I haven't looked for a way to systematically crack it. I think I am like a lot of others on this site that wish they weren't so addicted but alas it is a drug. I now have this grindy, sandy junk in my neck and jaw joints that will never go away. It doesn't hurt but it's not exactly natural I don't think. I have scoliosis as well, which is basically a crooked spine--completely unrelated to cracking. It gives me a constant dull pain which atleast cracking can offer some temporary relief.

i used to crack the centers of my thumbs and they wont stop even if i try they do it everytime i bend them and sometimes they get stuck and wont bend i have to try to bend it real hard or force it to with my other hand and when i do it cracks but i experience no pain is this arthritis?

Arthritis, are you kidding? This sounds like the worse case of finger-cracking that I have ever heard of in my life. Cracking is one thing, but bending fingers and not being able to bend them back sounds like an extreme case if ever there was one! You have two choices really: either resort to using a good strong vise to wrench your fingers and toes back in place, keeping it handy and within arms length wherever you go, or amputate these useless extremities now or never. Good luck and hang in there. Bent fingers that cannot bend back may help you alot in hanging from the right places.

I've been cracking every joint I can since about age 14, and I'm always looking to push the envelope and acquire new techniques. Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to crack my sternum, but i'm not quite sure how. Can someone give me a description of how to go about doing this? Currently I can achieve wimpy crackles by jutting out my chest and reaching up and behind me with one arm, down and behind me with the other arm. However, this is far from the satisfying pop that's begging to emerge.

I have had an urge to crack my neck, and big toe since I was 10. I am now 39 years old and have had to neck surgeries, replacing two discs at levels 5/6 and 6/7. Now I find myself with problems in my big toes. Is it gout? I dont know. But the urge to crack them is unexplainable. I think I might losing my mind. : ) But i am losing sleep by staying up and manipulating my toe by twisting/cracking/bending. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all Sam, I would say calm down a little first and rethink what you are doing. The overwhelming urge to crack is not something one can overcome alone, and your extreme behavior definitely merits a visit to the doctor and/or a good psychologist. Have you mentioned this problem of yours to him/them already? Neuroses of this sort are more common than you might realize. Have a look at the many responses listed here -- which goes to show you that you are not alone. This sounds serious, but do not let it get you down. Just talking about it with a qualified professional will help you greatly I am sure. Cracking is not bad as long as you do not do it too much. You are quickly approaching that limit so beware.

Hands up who has actually met anyone who suffers from arthitis and blames it on cracking their joints.

11 cracks from fingers of each hand,
3 cracks from each wrist,
1 from each elbow,
1 from each shoulder,
at least 12 from each side of the spine (from base of skull down),
1 from each side of the sacrum,
1 from each hip socket,
2 from each ankle,
2 from each foot,
6 from toes of each foot.
Ahh!!! All relaxed.

Now I would say that that is one big long crackedty-crack cracking session if I have ever seen (and heard) one. I counted no less than eighth good old cracks on that one. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.

Steve, to crack my sternum I interlace my fingers behind me with my thumbs towards my back. I then rotate my wrists so that my thumb move downward then away from me. Elbows are now "locked" and palms are stretched and pointing downward with fingers still interlaced in a bent backwards position, thumbs pointed outward. Now I raise my arms and press back with my shoulers while puffing my lower chest area outward and doing a back bend. Much like trying to touch the ground. Empasis should be on the shoulders and chest rather than raising arms or actually touching the ground. This motion will always result in a very satisfying pop or two. Usally a very loud concussive type rather than than sharp snap of a digit. Anybody ever pop their big toe by pulling it straight out? Very loud and satisfying!

Sounds to me like this cracking stuff is really turning into a fine art of kinds. Not just your any kind of fine art, but one which enriches and satisfies!

I am 34 and have been cracking fingers. wrists, ankles, and toes compulsively for about 25 years. I am so addicted to it that my husband actually wakes me up occasionally to tell me to stop cracking my knuckles and I have no memory of doing it because I was completely asleep. Not that I don't conciously crack during the night - that I have to do.
I have the same problem - discomfort (and sometimes nonuse of the joint) if I don't crack and it's been awhile. I wish it were socially acceptable to crack my knuckles. My son's piano recitals, church, movies (well, I do crack during the loud parts) are tough!!
But what I've noticed the last year or two is that my toe and finger joints do feel swollen and sore and I have lost strength in my hands and I find my feet getting really sore if I walk too far. But the obscene pleasure I get from cracking far outweighs this. I quit smoking after 15 yrs but I don't think it's possible to quit this!
I haven't heard anyone say that they crack the side of their feet - the outer side. This is one of my very favorite things to crack. I think I'm cracking the very first joint of my pinky toe. The crack comes from bending the side (around the middle of the length) of my foot. The crack is very loud and deep. Anyone else crack there?

I also crack the side of my feet, that is the outer part of the metacarpals where they join at the center of my feet just above the arch. However, although the crack feels really great, it is unfortunately a once-a-day crack for me.

i clik my joints without even thinking about it espeially my fingers and neck. i am only 13.and i am worried i may get artheritus when im older. its very hard to stop as it is so addictiveve *click*

I crack almost EVERY joint in my body, except my right knee. The elbows are my specialty... I straighten my arms and POP, nice big one, easily 50 times a day (I'm serious!!). I blame this on my many years as a gymnast. But lately I've grown concerned that it is almost an obsessive-compulsive thing. I am almost CONSTANTLY moving some joint or another... fingers, ankles, elbows, neck, back... for a crack, big or small. The last section of one middle finger is slightly crooked now, and I swear it's b/c I always crack that joint in a certain sideways direction! My boyfriend can't stand it, especially at night (my ex had the same gripe). I often concentrate hard on not cracking, and that's when the obsessive "I MUST CRACK" feeling comes. This site is neat, but I'd really like to see more tips from folks about how to cut back or stop this habit. I do it in front of co-workers, and it must seem so unprofessional. Yes, it feels good, and I don't think it's all bad... but I'm seriously interested in cutting back for health and social reasons. IDEAS??

Could it be that excessive knuckle-cracking might be an underrated psychoses that scientists need to study better in order to stop this problem before it assumes worldwide proportions? Could the world society end up being split into two factions: the knuckle-crackers vs. the anti-knuckle-crackers? Definitely something to think about.

I just wanted to say that those messages are really funny. I don't crack my knuckles or anything on my body, but you all seem to enjoy it, so I can just say that you all must play in a orchestra: knuckles crackers...

I've been cracking for 50 years. I married for the first time 6 moths ago. When we first met I told her I am a habitual knuckle cracker and that I was never going stop. She said she could live with that. Now she screams bloody murder with every pop. I need support.

Does knuckle cracking make your knuckles bigger?!?!?!?!?!I would really like to know!

Hey, really funny site. hmm I crack Every single joint one could possibly crack...let me list some...starting from the bottom up it goes: all toes, ankles,knees,hips,sacrum,entire back,neck,jaw,chest!!??,shoulders,fingers...and on n on..I am completely addicted,,,if I don't crack my sacrum I get this weird dull pain/pressure there...sometimes it cracks on it's own...all I have to do to crack it is slide down on a chair...with the edge across my sacrum..a minute of pressure and POP!POP!.(I used to think it was my tailbone..but now I think it's my sacrum..cuz i have never heard of anyone cracking their tailbone).is cracking my sacrum normal? damaging??? Comments PLZ!

yum. i love cracking my joints. the hip is by far the BEST. my boyfriend loves cracking his joints too. and when we're together we're like "did you just hear that?" his favorite spots are his back and ankles. mine are my hip (right side) and arms. he can't do his hip, but he's trying. every so no and again his hip cracks and he'll text message me "hip crack left side" cracking has strengthened our love!

I can crack my teeth & eye sockets.

My wrists crack on their own. Does anyone know what this could be caused by? I've never been known to crack my wrists intentionally.

Got this from a medical site:

FYI: "Cracking"

Did your mother ever warn you that "cracking" your knuckles would give you arthritis? If she did, we're sorry to say that she was wrong! Research has actually shown that individuals who habitually "crack" their knuckles over their lifetime actually lower the incidence of arthritis in their knuckles compared with those who do not. Researchers believe the knuckle "cracking" increases joint nutrition and maintains joint motion, both of which are essential for a healthy joint.

yes... i crack.... my toes, my elbows, even my pelvis and especially my back. i get home from work and i need to have my back massaged and cracked to relieve the tension in the muscles pretty much every day. i worked as a web designer behind a pc for 8 to 14 hours a day and realised after 5 years i had developed what some call rsi in my right shoulder and back (focused mouse work). i have been through over a year of every possible rehab treament you can think of.. physio, osteo, chiro, acupuncture, remedial deep tissue massge, pilates strengthening exercies etc etc... i even feel like some of the treatments made my joints looser and more suseptable to cracking. i started studiing remedial massage to try and find out what the hell is going on with me, as the pain and stiffness on some days is horrible. My teachers so far have all said the arthritis thing... even said the back cracking can effect the spinal cord. its all very scary. to make matters worse my boyfriend cracks insessantly. every joint possible. He is the one that showed me this website. more research needs to be done on this subject as i feel that it is quite an epidemic. the way our society is structured these days we do so much sitting. humans were made to be active.... use it or loose it ...i guess thats the moto now. strengthening exercises have been the most successful so far. and yes the commmon argument prevails... are a few minutes of pleasure from that release of a single crack really worth the looming future that lies ahead in old age?..... wouldnt it be great if all this speculating could really be cleared up....


I was curious. How do you crack or pop your back. I would really like to know this. I read NEVER to let anybody stand on your back in order to crack it as they can crack ribs which then puncture lungs.

I used to lie down on a basketball & roll around on it, and that always worked and made me feel 100% better. It doesnt work as well now. My main method of back cracking is to lean back in a chair.


Some interesting comments! I was searching to find out whether there's a medical term for our hobby/affliction, but found this site instead. I've been popping joints for 25 years, since the age of 10 or so, and have never experienced any related joint pain, inflammation, or disease. My list includes toes (several on each big toe, two on the second, one on the rest), the interior origin of each big toe (triggered by flexing my leg inward slightly and stepping with the ball of my foot), very rarely the outside of my foot (interior origin of the small toe), ankles (by extending the foot under pressure, or by rotating my leg with the foot firmly on the floor), knees (most often by turning the thigh inward with the foot solidly on the floor, but a much louder and more satisfying crack can sometimes occur from turning outward), hips (this is less common, and seems to be induced by certain sitting positions over time), pelvis at the base of the spine (achieved by sitting "normally" in a chair for a while, then slouching down and pressing my legs outward while my feet are locked together), erect penis (glad to find that at least one other person -- curiously, also named Kevin -- shares this), sternum (not common, also from sitting position, achieved by spreading shoulders and head back to push chest outward), spine (multiple loud cracks by seating firmly in an armchair, then drawing my upper torso to the left and right to twist spine), ribs (simply by tensing my back muscles I can quietly pop one rib on each side where it meets the spine at mid-back), neck (when fatigued, simply by straightening neck and holding head back, otherwise by twisting head to the right for several cracks and then left for one or two more), elbows (by extending hand outward from chest-height while holding weighty object or pressing down with other hand), wrists (probably the loudest crack I make, by simply tensing my wrist after it has been relaxed for 10-15 minutes, otherwise by pressing hand inward or by rotating hand or "waving" hand sideways), and -- of course -- fingers (at least 20-25 true single cracks, not the little repetetive clicks that feel like tiny, stillborn, non-productive crack-attempts). Might have cracked a shoulder once or twice in my life, but can't really recall -- so shoulders are still a crack-free zone for me. Jaw has cracked a few times in my life on very rare occasions. Yeah, that's gotta be about it. I think the noise bugs some of my friends, especially while watching movies at home, but I really can't help it. A joint feels uneasy and tense when it needs to be cracked; sometimes I get a rusty, sandpapery feeling that is immediately cured by cracking. The post-crack moment is extremely relaxing, satisfying, and comfortable.

I think that it is very interesting that despite all the warnings about getting arthritis etc. very few folks suffering from acute knuckle-cracking seem to have any negative side-affects of this wonderful habit. Maybe we are lucky to be born with this and it is time to accept our fate with applause and wonder.

Imagine to pleasure of cracking every joint in your body at once.

I believe that the popping of joints releases endorphines into the body, that is why it feels so damn good & addictive.

To non-crackers (for a better word), our habbits appear disgusting, but dont forget some of the things people will do to get an endorphine rush. I've seen people eat a whole hot chili, just for an endorphine rush.

Endorphins, or whatever chemical and/or hormone has to do with it, could be the reason, but I feel that it has an additional psychological factor as well. Perhaps something during early childhood that is re-triggered over and over again. Or maybe a subconscious way to release tense thoughts connected with this time. Could be, but I am not sure.

I can crack my tailbone. At least I think it is my tailbone. All you need to do is stand straight up with your your feet about two feet apart and then squeeze your butt/lower back muscles together until you hear two or three pops. This is a very good crack if you can learn to accomplish it because the joints you are cracking are relatively small and are rarley or never used at all. Is anyone else able to do this?

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can crack their knees like I can! It seriously sounds like Mark McGuire hitting a grand slam. I think I'm addicted to the sound more than anything...

And I mean NOBODY!

I've read about cracking on a couple of occassions. This is the first time I've run into a forum like this. I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I started cracking when I was 7. My parents told me it was bad but I was hooked from the start. I've tried to quit several times. It's amazing how the vast majority of doctors don't know what it is. They think it's bone hitting bone that causes the crack. It's really cavitation - pressure change due to volume change when pulling or stretching joings causing dissolved gases in a liquid.

Like some of the other people I've read here, I crack in my sleep. I do crack the side of my feet. I also crack the cartilage in the middle of my chest. Not to mention all the other stuff. I crack each finger 6 times! forward, backward, left right middle joint, left right top joint. I crack my knees three ways. back, neck, toes, sholder, elbow, etc...

It's a non-stop continuous cycle. One crack draws another. By the time I go through the cycle once I'm ready to go though it again. I just can't seem to stop. With drugs and cigarattes and alcohol you have to go out an buy it. My knuckles are always with me everywhere I go. Sometimes in the movies I get really anxious during quiet parts. I'm addicted. I tried to stop again last week. I was able to go the whole day without it but at night I'd have to relieve myself. It must be aweful being addicted to drugs.

I can feel my joints and fingers kind of tired. I want to stop. It's too much.

somebody please stand on my back

In eastern cultures cracking your joints is a way to release negative energy from your body.

The urge to crack is also believed to be caused by a buildup of lactic acid in your joints, which is caused by a sedintary lifestyle. I forgot where I read that but in my case that would be accurate for me.

wahey! im not a freak of nature..i really thought i was the only one who seemed to get pleasure out of this weird's strange how some people can't crack their shoulders..that's my favourite..i just place my hand at the bottom of my neck (behind) and slowly rotate my elbow..its kinda hard to explain, but it's really loud and weird. sometimes just by breathing in, the top of my spine that abnormal? im a very cracky person already, at the tender age of hips are really loud too..i sleep in weird positions- mostly lying on my shoulder -so when i wake up and turn i hear this huge crack as if my joint has dislocated....

I like to crack my fingers, thumbs, toes and neck at every idle moment and it has become a habit. My girlfriend is disgusted with my habit but i just can't help it !

Well i love to crack my knees. They are so loud haha. Its funny when you are in a quiet shop and bend down! Everyone cringes haha

well i have been cracking knuckles for the past 2 years its really fun doing it but please do tell me what r the disadvantages of cracking knuckles?

I would simply say that the answer(s) to your question can be found somewhere in the many comments already made above. Also, there are more than enough hyperlinks out there, or do a simple Google search: cracking knuckles.

Well does anyone else on here have really loud cracking knees???!!!

I just found this site...intriguing! I started poppin at age 12 (now 29)after getting 2 casts removed due to bilateral wrist fractures. It soon went from wrists to most every joint possible! It's worse during stressful moments. I am an occupational therapist and frequently work with hand conditions. I have never heard any arthritis patient say they've habitually cracked. ALSO in response to Knuck Knuck...the "tailbone" crack you experience is likely your sacroiliac joints...movement of the illiac bones (pelvic bones) against the sacral spine. (your tailbone is the coccyx which is below your sacrum.) Try not to mess too much with this one. Hyper mobility (too much joint play) can cause the iliac bone(s) to move out of place spontaneously, causing burning pain when walking, standing, or sitting.

I think its becoming an obsession wih me, haha!! I don't need to crack my knees tho, they do it on their own! Cracking my knuckles is becoming more frequent

on the last count i could crack about 60 places in my body... boths sides of my jaws, about 3 in my neck, 2 places in my nose if that counts, back, shoulders in a few places, elbows, wrists in a about 4 places each, all those fingers and thumbs you said plus and odd one at the very bottom of my thumb, top of my legs in 2 places, knees in 2 places, anlkes in 2 places, and big toes oh and my tailbone
i didnt even mean to click theses it just happens by themselves but the worst is my jaw it clicks everytime i eat, when i go to sleep i have to make sure it is not out of place or its to uncomerble to go to sleep so i have to most of the time hold it in place with my hand :(

I have arthritis and lots on my joints crack without my wanting them to. Joints in my feet, knees, hips, wrists, fingers (sometimes they stick) back and neck. I don't like it when it happens because it is painful. I can't imagine for the life of me why people would love to crack their joints so much when it just sounds so painful to me. And no, I haven't been a purposeful joint cracker in my life. I have inherited loose joints (I'm double jointed) and I have dislocated joints in my life, purposefully and accidentally. All this movement of my joints has accelerated the noral wear and tear on my joints to cause me to have early onset of Osteoarthritis. I began really having significant pain at age 34. Take that as you will, those of you who like to crack.

This is for Linda.

First of all, I don't crack any joint on me. I always find it magic those who can do it, because I always wanted to try it. When I read your message, I find that you were so magical to crack all those joints, but its sad that you feel pain on it...

There's a fine line between the real pain (which lasts a fraction of a second during the actual cracking sequence) and the feeling of pleasure and/or relief just afterwards. Like everything else in this world, the pleasure level decreases over time until it is necessary to start cracking all over again.

everytime I turn when standing up, my knee will crack on that side... loudly. of course i then have to turn the other way and do the other one which also never fails to crack. interesting to see that people called Paul tend to monopolize the knee cracking department

Does anyone else feel like you're going to go crazy when you are trying to crack a knuckle and you can tell its ready to crack soon, but it just wont crack yet?!?! When this happens to me, I can't concentrate on anything else until I get that @!#$%!@ knuckle cracked!!!

Yes there is always a minimal wait time between cracks, which can be quite frustrating. Sometimes in anxious anticipation, I prematurely start to wiggle the joint in the hopes of getting a little pre-crack going before its time. However, this impatient wiggling only prolongs the wait time even longer before everything is ripe and back in place so that the mature crack (finally) occurs with the utmost pleasure.

Sometimes my tailbone (or whatever it is near there...feels like my tailbone) cracks when I take a crap. No crap (hah). It really feels quite bizarre. I once went to a chiropractor, and he cracked my tailbone for me. That was even more bizarre (and perhaps unsafe?). I also crack everything else. And I mean everything. I feel extremely uncomfortable most of the time because I can't possibly crack enough, and sometimes when I crack joints a lot, they start to feel, tinny or's hard to explain. My neck, shoulders, and wrists have gotten to the point where they just constantly grind whenever I move...sounds like pea gravel in a meat grinder. It doesn't feel good or normal when I feel this grinding, but as most ppl have said, most doctors don't have a clue. How do we get ppl to research this topic more thoroughly? There seem to be many of use that are uncomfortable or in pain, but can't stop because it's an endless cycle.

Hilarious posts regarding the need to crack! My little left toe needs to be cracked about a minute into any activity that requires walking, or else I'd have a mild presssure/pain sensation. The problem is: majority of the time I have my shoes on, which require extensive amounts of time to put on without a shoe horn. I'd be mumbling all day: "must crack toe...must crack toe..." until I finally have to give in

Answer me this...

How does one 'crack' their penis?

I have a challenge for everybody who cracks their fingers, who can crack two or places on each finger? If their is someone, explain are you do it please

Lets start a list of how to crack certain parts of your body- or someone else's!

Ring Finger - Put your thumb between your pinki and your ring finger and press against your ring finger while slowly sliding your ring finger farther and farther down the thumb (keep pushing harder and harder against your index finger with your thumb).

Friend's Back (2 Persons) - Stand back to back and link elbows with your friend. Then bend foreward with your friend on your back (your friend's feet should be off the ground).

well... i haven't cracked my knuckles in a while now because my Tae Kwon Do instructor said if i kept cracking my knuckles that they would be sort-of curled (i can't explain how he showed me but...) yeah... so i haven't and he said the pain that u feel in your fingers when you stop cracking for a while is just becasue they are healing. i think it really does damage your fingers (or whatever you are popping). I am only 14 and am really good at martial arts, and i aint going to go back to cracking my knuckles because i want to teach till i am like 70 or 80. e-mail me :-). peace!!

The comments that refer to "hilarious posts" bother me since I'm trying desperately to stop cracking my neck. About three years I started to feel an uncomfortable pressure in my head or neck. Twisting my neck to pop it relieved the pressure for a while. But it's gotten so bad that I'm almost constantly cracking my neck when I'm alone. The popping may occur in my neck, the back of my head, or the top of my head, and I also sometimes hear a sound like sand or gravel (hmmm, now I know what's taking up the space in my brain!). Despite my feeble attempt at humor, I'm concerned about this and would appreciate serious suggestions on how to stop. I've read articles about knuckle cracking and even asked my doctor (his comment: "Gee, nobody knows"), but have learned only that the popping sound comes from the fluid around joints, and that this probably is not related to arthritis later in life. Suggestions?

Suzanne, I would say don't worry about it too much. Sounds though like your cracking thing has become a kind of fixation almost but not quite verging on psychose. That is, if it really is as bad as you describe. Could be that in a mood of desperation you googled and found this and poured out your emotions. Perhaps the urge would diminish once you realized that it was a harmless thing to do? Don't worry and just forget it. If it gets any worse, then instead of a doctor perhaps a psychologist or even alternative medical person would be an option. This is not a joking matter, but perhaps a less serious approach would help you alot.

Hello All... I have just found this web site. About 15 years ago I started to feel pain in my low back (probably after an accident I had). With time, it started cracking (a lot). The pain was more and more and, actually, at some point I could not even quew or stand for more than 20 minutes. I visited all sorts of doctors and no one could find anything (blood tests, Xrays, MRI, etc..). The cracking was always there, even at the moments when the pain was away (while resting). With time my hips started to crack... now the hips are in pain and cracking with any single movement... the cracking thing kept increasing... my legs, my feet, my shoulders, my neck... everything (I mean it).. It is painful and I cannot stop it. Doctors have no idea of the cause or how to stop it and they keep giving me all sort of analgesics, etc. It is driving me mad and it is affecting my relation, my job... I cannot concentrate. If anyone has a serious advice I would appreciate it.

I found this website: Popping Jaws, Knees and Other Joints
that many of you might find interesting.
Maybe we all need to take yoga? I'm gonna start. It's gotten to the point where my neck and back/hip are in constant discomfort or pain, and everything grinds constantly when I move.
To those out there who think that we "obsessive" crackers are merely afflicted with psychosis, please think again. Although our "habits" may seem "obsessive," there is actual physical discomfort involved (or most of us wouldn't have started to begin with). Even if psychological treatment *did* help us to stop cracking so much, I really don't think it would get to the core of the problem.

I have to agree with you totally, that knuckle-cracking is not just some so-called psychose. It is definitely a combination of a physical reason combined with a mental need. The cause of having to do it has a physical source (pain, discomfort, release of tension, whatever) and the action results in mental relief of some kind, be it (temporary) escape from pain or instant pleasure, etc.

To Jtulio - I have some trouble concentrating, too, when this gets too bad. I'm taking a bit of advise from several suggestions and mixing it with my own. When things get tuff I try to take 2 minutes to relax with some support around my neck. This gives me some short-term instant relief. I'm starting yoga (doing this at home with "mag rack" on cable tv 'cause it'd be waaay too funny to try in public!). Also try to do some slow stretches. Several of you are involved in martial arts - Do you feel more or less of a need to crack a joint after practicing?

I crack my neck
Just for the heck..... of it

I like the way I feel after a good old-fashioned crack
I especially like it after arising from the sack

I like the succinct pop pop pop noise it makes
And wish people would stop complaining for Pete's sake!

I'm a compulsive cracker, too. Mostly my neck and back, then my tailbone area. I do the tailbone/sacrum area by sitting in a chair and then lifting myself up off the chair (holding myself up with my hands on the arms of the chair) then letting my weight drop down to that area. I get a nice multiple crackly effect. I have multiple strategic back cracking locations around my house. In my bedroom I bend backwards over my bed post (the post comes up to the center of my back when I'm standing straight up) and I move up and down as needed to get the whole spine. The bannister at the bottom of my stairs is perfect height too. I've got my husband trained to give me a good back crack as well. We stand face to face and he hugs me with his hands clamped by my spine and then I just lean back (pushing off of his chest). He almost seems to be a little addicted to my cracking now, because whenever we pass eachother in the house he'll ask me if I want a crack! Although his back and neck don't crack at all unfortunately for him.
Here's the very scary part of it all, the part that's got me looking for 4 year old lets me crack his back for him. I just happened to pick him up one time and his whole spine cracked all the way from the top to the bottom. He thought it was funny and likes how it feels, so he'll ask me to do it for him. I have to stop myself from doing it all the time, because it got to the point that I couldn't wait for him to ask me! So where I used to think it was a physical thing, now I know it's a mental/euphoric/obsessive-compulsive thing, too. I've been telling him "no" when he asks now, but then every once in awhile I'll give in. But it seems pretty bad when the obsession goes from constantly cracking my own back to cracking someone else's. Especially since he's so little (it's nothing crazy, just lifting him up and it cracks). But he loves it. So now I'm hoping that if I don't ever do it again that he'll never do it either. I can't stop doing my own, but I'm trying not to do it in front of him anymore.

I am shocked. Angel, I started searching the internet to ask the same thing. I crack almost everything on myself a lot. It feels like it's a compulsive mental thing. I'm not really compulsive in any other way. I'm a relatively normal person. Recently I did the exact same thing with my 3 year old. It started as an accident and she liked it. I've done it for her a few times, but I decided to just say no. I don't want her to end up needed to be cracked all the time like me. The weird things is my obsession makes me want to do this. I have this weird thing where I want to crack other people's backs, but I don't because it seems too odd. I have never heard of anyone else with this obsession until I searched the internet just now.

Julia, how bizarre! I wonder what it is exactly that makes us want to crack other peoples body parts. I was telling my brother awhile back how I'm obsessed with back cracking and he said that he always cracks his toes now because I used to do that to him when he was little. I don't even remember that, though. I can only remember starting to do it to myself when I was about 17 and my back was achy due to my chest getting bigger(incidentally I'm getting a breast reduction in 3 weeks, hope it helps with the discomfort and maybe I can "get off crack"). It's only been the last couple of years though that I felt the desire to crack others backs or necks. And that didn't even start until after the incident happened with my son. He happens to be autistic and he loves some peculiar things, back cracking being one! But I haven't done it in awhile and he seems to have forgotten altogether, unless we have one of those accidental picking up ones. My husband says that his back cracks sometimes when he picks him up too, but my husband's not obsessed like us so it doesn't throw him into "gotta have more crack" mode! It sounds totally twisted when I hear myself talk about it, but I too am just a normal gal. Just have a crack issue!

I am 29 and I have been cracking ever since my brother showed me how. That was about 22 years ago. I started off cracking just my 8 fingers, then tolerated the feeling in my thumbs. I instantly became hooked. I began cracking my back by accident, when I was in 7th Grade. It was during class and I stretched back on my chair and POP. It scared me at first, but man did it feel good. When I got home, I showed my brother what he could do and he said" Oh thats nothin...Check this out!" He sat down on the couch and proceeded to show me how to crack your back by putting your hand on you outer thigh to brack and turn your back left or right. This was all great stuff!!! I then learned how to crack my neck. It seemed to be endless. Again by accident I started cracking my knees and elbows. This is a little harder to do...The way I do it kind of like Isometrics Almost not movement at all. For example: To crack my elbows, I usually place my had on my leg (thigh) and push inward while trying to keep my elbow still. This forces my elbow to pop. If you ever have the pleasure of cracking your elbow, it is one of the loudest Joints to Pop. Quick and abrupt sounding. In the last couple of years I have found a new way to crack my lower back...Just above the tailbone. This only works when I am taking a bath. I sit down towards the back of the tub and place the back of my hands on each side of my hips..more towards my back. Then I extend my legs completely out and slowly lay back. The palms of your hands should already be flat on the bottom of the tub. Keeps going back slowly and you can feel the pressure, when it feels like it is going to hurt if you go any further, lay back a little more. This makes a great sound when it echoe's in the tub. Man I got a problem!

Now that I am married, I even have my husband involved in my own cracking experiences. He cracks my Toes for me. Nothing is better then that! No wonder I married him!

Yes, I love a good underwater crack. It echoes nicely when you've got your ears underwater, especially the neck.

Interesting posts! I should start out by admitting that I share your affliction. I've been cracking by fingers and toes for over 30 years, and my neck for about five. When working at my desk it can become a virtual nonstop process (or at least the attempts to do so).

I must disclose, however, that my finger joints have become increasingly stiff and that large amounts of abnormal bony growth have developed around the middle joints on each finger. It's most noticeable on the index and, especially, middle finger of each hand. (You should see a tracing of my hand outlines--not very appealing). I wish I had never started this habit . . . but I don't know how to stop!

I don't understand why the clinical research and medical knowledge of joint cracking is so poor. Maybe if their are any physicians reading this posting, they could respond. I would have thought (as an example), high resolution MR imaging of somebody cracking a joint would reveal a lot of information?

Jake, I have the same problem. The middle joint on each of my index fingers is so huge. And it make my fingers curl all weird and my fingers are really bizarre and crooked. I wish I had never started cracking my fingers. I love to crack everything else, and I have no worries about those joints. Just worried about my fingers because it's making my fingers look so freaking ugly. GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I have found all these posts very funny and interesting. I'm 14 and i thought (and many of my friends) that i was some kind of "cracking freak". I can crack my back (practically every vertebrae), all of my fingers (at all joints), my thumbs (both joints, my elbow (mostly right one but occaisonally the left), my knees (only in the mornings), my neck (4 cracks at each side usually and my personal favourite for showing off :p), my foot (right one only), all of my toes (apart from the very small one at the end), my wrists. I also feel like i have to keep this tradition alive and pass on many of my techniques to younger people in my school and street, younger kids seem to love me cracking my bones. I do worry that when im an old cripple i wont even be adle to pick my own nose or peel a banana but the feeling is sooooo good at the time, i just cant stop.

I am addicted to cracking my wrists. I started when I was 25 and now at 27 I still do it. My parents think I need help from a doctor- that is nerves or anxiety and I tell them- it just feels good! I mean I will admit, times I have been nerves, I will go on a cracking bindge where I overly crack my wrist to the point they are sore but in 90% of the time- i do it here and there through out the day and just cause it feels great!! Who has a wrist cracking addiction? Do ya think we do need help? :)

Hello fellow crackers, i cannot believe i found this post it is three in the morning and girlfriend has just got on me about popping her knuckles while she was sleeping, so yes it is addictive infact i have read most of the post and i share experinces with each and everyone of you even the popping of a small childs hands, i have heard many say they can wait for the fingers to rejuvinate to get the second pop, this may be crazy but can any of you get a good pop after 4 or 5 min. please don't let me be the only compulsive finger cracker with this problem

Hi Anthony,
For myself, I don't crak any part of my body, but, I have a girlfriend that does crak ALL the time, she can crak her fingers for five minutes if she wants without interruption. She can crak two or three times a joint in the same time, I never see that someone can do this, she is just amazing, and this is only for her fingers, I don't speak about the rest of the body

After many attempts at trying to stop cracking my joints, I realized that once you start you can't stop. My joints hurt if I didn't pop them, I didn't have full range of mobility, and if I let it go too long, they crack on their own. All of this led be to believe that it actually wasn't that harmful if the body does it naturally.

So for those of you who wish to stop, I am among many who bring bad news. But there are ways to diminish the long-term effects of decreased grip strength and joint damage. I think that cracking your joints is cumalative, that any damage you inflict builds upon itself over time. Don't want to cause much damage? Then don't crack your joints so much. It is fun and it feels good, but with anything that feels good and causes pleasure, to avoid addiction and in this case physical injury, you must moderate your activity. How?

Try to avoid situations that are going to cause frequent cracking of joints. I sat behind a computer 40+ hours a week and I think all of that sitting caused my back and neck to seize up so often that I was constantly twisting from side to side and tilting my head in order to get relief. I decided to switch to an elevated desk where I can stand or sit when I want. This one act reduced my needed back and neck cracking from about 10 times a day to 1 or 2 times depending on stress levels.

Another way is to exersize the muscles around the joint. By strengthening them, you reduce the amount of physical stress your joints have during normal activity. My knees used to pop involuntarily whenever I moved, like climbing stairs, crouching, or riding a bike. After I actively started to strengthen my leg muscles, the involuntary cracks and pops ceased.

Lastly, just try to cut back by sheer will power. My wife hates the cracks and pop and always looks disgusted whenever I do it. I've explained to her the pain I'm sometimes in whenever I don't crack my joints, but it still bothers her to hear it. Sometimes I can't help it, but most times I wait until I'm out of hearing range to undertake my fun and physical relief. My respect for her wishes outweighs my need to crack my knuckles every 10 minutes.

I hope this post was helpful to those who had wished to stop but couldn't. I hadn't seen any posts from people who had advice on how to cut down.

i am 27 and have been an avid knuckle/neck/back cracker for longer than i can remember. i slammed the thumb on my right hand in a car door about eight months ago. the thumb itself was badly cut and the nail was purple/black until it finally grew out to about half its full length and fell off three weeks ago. my thumb has since healed completely and my nail is coming back to its natural form. the only difference is when i crack the knuckle closest to my thumbnail, it is able to crack again in about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. i think this may be due to the damage within the joint caused by the car door. the pocket of fluid that causes the popping sound we hear when we crack a joint is now smaller and is able to reform much quicker. therefore, the knuckle is able to crack and recrack sooner.--Anthony, this is the only way i can get a knuckle to pop and then pop again within a 5 min. span. Although, the pop i get from that knuckle is less dramatic because of the injury.

earlier i snuck up behind my brother(*awake*) and did the same, and eventually he was addicted to cracking them himself. btw does anybody have a jiont that cracks over and over again? my left big toe does and it can get very addicting.

grab your left middle finger and bend it down as if you are going to crack it and with your right hand hidden under your left palm snap your fingers. makes a louder sound than cracking you knuckels depending on how good you are and it grosses people out(*the best part*)

I crack my knuckles & wrists, elbows the most. When I wake up during the nite I can pop my sternum too. That feels great relasing pressure. But the knucles & wrists & elbows hurt if I really throw the wrist or elbow to the side w/ a sharp jerk of the arm. It feels good, but I know the force I use can dislocate a joint, cant it? Anyone else do it this way??

how do you crack your sternum?!

I was in school the other day, and, as I always do, I leaned back in my chair and experienced the ever-pleasing pop of my sternum. When I go to tell this to a friend (who doesn't seem to believe anything I do unless I see it), he completely shunned my idea that I can pop this chest bone

He said "sternums do not pop, there is nothing to pop". I wonder what actually happens when your "sternum" pops? I heard it might be the tendons that connect the sternum to the ribs causes the sound, but I can't be sure.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Heh heh...I feel honored for my ability to pop multiple joints on my body. However, my toes constantly ache now, and it gets very irritating, and my feet are very bad as it is. I have my sister stand on my back now to release some pain and tension in my back. Sometimes when I lean too far back to crack, or when I crack my spine, I become very dizzy and I have to clutch a table to regain my balance. My tailbone (I believe the term is sacrum) pops now, even when I am laying down. I lay down and I feel my spine and hips adjusting and popping so I can lay down comfortably. Does this require me to visit a chiropractor? I am only 16, and yeesh its painful.

how does one crack his or her sternum?!

this post is simply incredible. i am 24 now and have been cracking my neck, back, fingers and toes for as long as i can remember.

after just browsing through these posts, i totally connected with some sort of missing family... just to know that there are others.. almost every posting was just like my thoughts in words- it was almost bizarre but amazing to see the connected psychology all these "poppers" share.

my cracking history is pretty standard – I hope similar to others. my father used to crack our backs and neck religiously (he is a pastor - no pun intended) when we were kids. he loved doing it and we loved when he did it. sometimes he would seem obsessed with it - trying to get a pop out when there was just nothing left. my mom hated when he did it. he still does ask when i am back home. just something i expect when i go home. still, i believe that me and all my brothers still are cracking our necks, backs, fingers and whatever else. we crack each other backs also. now thinking about it, although it is just a family thing - it is somewhat insane.

in the past couple of months i have been browsing the internet for info on the long term effects of knuckle cracking because my girlfriends and friends have been simply amazed at how vicious loud the cracking can be - especially my neck. i am not sure why now they mention it too me, perhaps it is because i am popping more - maybe from stress from grad school? or am i just more comfortable popping around them, i just don't know yet. and am trying to figure it out.

not to go into detail but i also feel that there are time i just have to pop my neck to relieve it and it does feel so good when i do... almost could just cut and paste all the other comments made above and it would be exactly what i feel. and yes, it is embarrassing in public, in class, at work, but really sometimes it just has to happen. i feel so relieved when i do it.

i, also, must admit that i have some obsession with cracking other people. i am always trying to crack my girlfriends hand and she can't stand it.

but what i am most fascinated with in all this posting is the question of whether or not there is some type of obsession that forms with the cracking. As in the popping gives some sort of indirect psychological stimuli and forms some type of obsessive behavior. this might explain why there is no research that can conclude on the derivation of the pleasure associated with physical events during the a cracking. i believe this could lead for answers by asking a psychological question - Just why is it that cracking joints becomes such a necessary action for those that crack. and just what is the obsession with performing the action on others - similar to a drug users extreme peer pressure to feel comfortable for their actions - on a smaller scale? i am not sure but something must explain these behaviors.

just from reading these posts, i would totally agree there needs to be some research into the psychological side of joint cracking - i think this would help to answer many questions for all of us.

if only i had gone into medicine instead of nuclear engineering - what an amazing thesis topic... perhaps if PhD thing doesn't work out for me i will have something else to do.


Hi all, I too have been cracking for many a moon and can't get enough of it. My favourites are the rapid "machine gun stylee" cracks, gotten from the top of my spine after I lean my head far over to one side (I swear I only started doing that after seeing too many Kung Fu films) or from pushing against a wall with a clenched fist. More recently, though, I have been experiencing a new, accidental popping.
I started using the Gym heavily about 2 months ago, and the day after a long chest workout, I was pushing myself up from a chair when there was loud pop/chack from my chest. The relief was incredible, and although it hurt a little, I was secretly hoping I could do it again. The next day I felt a little tightness in my chest whilst visiting the Parents, and after 5 minutes of experimental stretching, it happened again, but this time from pushing my shoulders back then leaning my head back. It has us all completely stumped, and I'm wondering, like Morgothraptor above, what could it be? I can't figure out if there would be synovial fluid in there and what could cause these co2 bubbles to pop? I've also Googled about and the only site to reference this is here (exluding CPR related) I don't reckon it's worth going to the Doctors, but I got's to know what it could be. Any Ideas????

i have bean vrackin since accidently i learnt it when working as i was child the i got intrested and continued and now my thumb doesnt look normal it s really deformed and some times it hurts like shit so now i think there might be psychological link with this also

Probably your sternum.

I've been cracking for years....drives my parents crazy. I consider myself an average cracker when it comes to ablity...I can crack my spine in several places, 8 of 10 fingers, all of my toes, both ankles, both knees, and my jaw.

Kinda cool to find out there's others like me :p

my lower back has been hurting so bad...please somebody tell me how to pop it

hey there... im also addicted to cracking..
been doing it for.. well... started at about 8 years old with fingers... a few year later worked on the neck and back... heck.. i can get a good 10 pops or so by just turning my head the right way now... lay on the floor on your back, fold hands together under you, sorta the tailbone area... roll your pelvis right, and POP.. feels good.. got lots of weird pops... still working on getting the sternum though... so far its the only one i cant crack... knees, toes, fingers, elbows, shoulders, hips, neck, back, jaw sometimes... its great.. i think im a addicted.

Yes indeed I would say you are very addicted to cracking, like just about everyone else who has eagerly commented on this subject -- so far 123 believe it or not. Anyone else care to further philosophize on this interesting subject?

i can crack my nasal septum. i broke my nose five years ago and after i had surgery to repair it, my septum cracked even louder when i pushed on it. from both sides! (you have to stick your finger up your nose to do it.)

Wow ! I am the only person I know that cracks as much bones/joints that I do. But after reading this, its amazing to see how many people do this. I crack my fingers, toes, ankles, arms/shoulders, elbows, neck, back, knees....

It does give a me relief. Especially in the morning, thats when I get the loudest cracks in my fingers, so satisfying.

I love cracking my arms the best. Although I havent read anyone else doing this ? What I do is bend my arm upwards with my hand on my shoulder and I get a really loud snap right where the arm meets the shoulder. It seems more like my arms cracking than the shoulder.

Excellent thread, lots of good info.

I can pop almost everything, except for the area I desperately need, my upper/middle back, right between my shoulder blades. I was in an auto accident that gave me double whiplash and that area needs popping often.

The only way I can do it is with help from another person who is bigger than me, because they have to lift me off the ground.

I need to be able to do this myself, its hard to find someone thats strong enough to lift me up all the time. I've had my wife walk on my back but it doesnt seem to work. I can pop myself very close to the center, but cant get that middle area.

If anyone has any tips for popping the upper/middle back yourself, I would appreciate it.

Im also not an expert on this but i have the same habbit as most of u. im 19 and ive cracked my fingers most of my life, and probly five or more years ago i started cracking lots of other things like
neck,back,elbows,wrists,knees you know. I know the experts say they have no definite proof that it does damage but they r wrong a lot and find out later somethings bad for u but then its 2 late. I notice things that i crack a lot just dont feel right, like my wrists grind when i rotate them, and my knuckles r fairly large and kind of jagged. some of my fingers also make grinding noises. My opinion is yes it feels good for a while but then it jsut starts to hurt and the joint gets stiff. Id say if u can stop cracking do it.

My sternum cracks, and I wish it didn't, because it's not a pleasant experience. I think it has something to do with the cartilage surrounding my sternum.

I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

What's more amazing is this was written three years ago and is still drawing in the crackers. ;)

I found this post last year some-time when I first discovered I could crack my lower back, sacrum? Half worried about the damaging effects since after all, it is my back.

I've never had a bone that I could crack that actually 'felt' good until I cracked my back.

Thank you. I know I am not alone in this world. I've been cracking ever since some guy taught me when ias 8. I used to crack my fingers all the time but I've stopped after my joints became really ugly and fat and swollen and yeah. The sad part? I'm only 15. Welll I haven't completely stopped cracking my fingers. I used to crack them by pulling them or by force-bending them. Now I doing them by pushing on the joints from the sides. Kind of like pushing the top two phalanges (is that what they're called?) to one side and the bottom one to the other. Weird. I know. But it doesn't seem like I am the only one. Teehee.
My knees crack 95% of the time I fully extend then and bend them. I feel horribly creaky and yet I always feel unexplicable urges to crack them. It does not feel right if I do not!!! My elbows also crack. Usually after I bend them for relatively long periods of time and then extend them. Then, they produce a lightening like CRACK that gets me strange looks. Especially when it's silent during bio class. I can also crack my neck, jaw, some joint near my shoulder, all of my toes, my back (the beessst most satisfying crack ever. agreed?), inner thigh joint - whatever that is, ankles, wrists....... aaah. I am so glad to see that I am not a freak of nature (or at least not the only one).

Soo... are there any known medical conditions? I was searching for causes and consequences when I came across this lovely page that makes me feel not freaky. Thanks. Cheers to all the snap, crackle and poppers out there!

will sombody please tell me how to pop my lower back?

A while ago there was a thread started about positions for back cracking. Anyone care to add? My upper back between the shoulder blades could use a good cracking method.


Back cracking positions? anyone?

O wow! What a fanatastic site! I thot i was the only
one who was addicted to cracking. Its such a euphoric drug-like experience- not just a simple habit. Does anyone know the chemical side of whats occuring to make u feel so good? Anyone up for some cybercracking? tehe

I have not read all the posts. My daughter cracks her knuckles all the time and it bothers me, but the doctors say to just ignore it (I try!!!) I have been doing a lot of reading about obsessive-compulsive disorder and also tourette's syndrome and wonder if it isn't related? Any ideas?

It's really hard to say whether or not excessive knuckle cracking is related in any way to other neuroses. I believe there is a good chance that this is the case. Sometimes I wonder if it might also be due to lack of some mineral, enzyme, hormone or whatever. A combination of chemical and mental would only aggravate the situation and make knuckle cracking an obsessively extreme activity like so many seem to have.

kiffin u rock xoxoxox

I have this habit. I've been trying to stop for a long time after an even longer period of doing it whenever I wanted! I've been told it's possible to stop, but it's very hard to believe.

I'm actually sat here now willing myself not to do it. I can feel that it needs doing. It's like the last task on a 'to do' list in the back of my mind, and I don't feel like I can relax until the list is clear. What a nightmare!

kink in my neck needs to be popped - any ideas? I'm also looking for different ways to adjust my back without going to the chiro - love some help with either

Thanks y'all

I dont think that you can adjust yourself. I also dont think that cracking "adjusts" any part of your body. If you're having back pain you should really see a chiro.


here are a couple cracking positions that have not been listed. i can crack my knee caps in my car by placing my knee under the steering column, there is a gap under there that you slide your knee cap between and with very little pressure at all nice satisfying crack. also while sitting in a chair, squeeze one butt cheek, crack, then squeeze the other butt cheek, crack. it's great :)

YaY Mimi! xoxox

I can crack my knuckles continisuly without stopping it hurts after about the first 20 times though.. And i crack my back by taking my arms and holding onto the arms of my chair, and trying to lify my whole body up with just my arms
My chest also cracks alot when i lean on the edge of something on my chest and the move the edge to below the breast bone area.. this one hurts alot though.. Problem is when i move i sound like a door that hasnt been oiled.. CREAK Crack

I am 28 and have been cracking my neck since i was 15 or so. Does anyone know if it is true that cracking your neck raises your potential for having a stroke? I heard that somewhere. Also, is everyone that claims to be cracking their chest or sternum really just cracking their back and thinking that it is their sternum. i can't crack or find anything even close to crackable in the chest area.

I am 28 and have been cracking my neck since i was 15 or so. Does anyone know if it is true that cracking your neck raises your potential for having a stroke? I heard that somewhere. Also, is everyone that claims to be cracking their chest or sternum really just cracking their back and thinking that it is their sternum. i can't crack or find anything even close to crackable in the chest area.

There's a difference between cracking your back and cracking your sternum. The sternum is a set of two bones connected by cartilage. Its not a joint but it can expand and contract (ie breathing, stretching). This cartilage is related to the cracking sound.

I love cracking my sternum because is releases tons of endorphins. I can crack it by tilting my neck left or right really deep, like popping your neck or by resting my back against a chair and putting pressure on the back of the chair. Its different then popping your back.


any good ways to crack the lower back? i'm trying crack my back more than once


Heres a good way to crack your lower back. Its a variation on the sit and twist method.

Standing up, bend your right leg back and hold it with your right hand. Now simultaneously twist your waist to the right while pushing your right leg forward and slightly to the left. You should be standing on your left foot. And of course you can reverse this standing on your right foot.

This is basically a motion similar to wringing out a towel. You twist the top part of your spine right while twisting the bottom to the left.

You should get several loud cracks in the mid/lower back. If you're a really serious cracker u can try simultaneously popping your neck!! !! Talk about drug-like!! !! !! xoxoxoxoxoxo


thanks Jilly! any ideas for upper back?

hi jill,

very fascinating, can you describe all the body parts that you can crak?

A good way to pop your upper back is to sit in a chair and lean back against the back. I think everyone knows that one though.

I can crack just bout all the body parts. I have a weird one where I put a pillow between my thighs and squeeze. It makes some nice pops in my lil area lol.

i can crack my nose.

Found this blog while googling for cracking joints. Just love it! I've been cracking my joints for ages, and I just love all the wonderful suggestions and have even gone on to try some of them.

I thought I was the only person around who was cracking just about every joint in my body, until I came across this, and boy! you guys! those tailbone cracks are the first time I've heard of it. Unfortunately, I still can't get mine to crack.

And yes, the sternum - I've only managed to crack mine only a few times, and all my accident.

My personal favourite is my neck and sort of the lower back - I do this by going on a half-kneeling/half squating position, the I turn and twist backwards to the right while supporting my weight on my right hand, and vice versa for the left.

One place I find I have to crack alot of times (especially when I'm tired) is my upper back - sometimes its more difficult, and it gets frustrating. You need some kind of a low wall, or banister that is not slanting, and lean back. Not always a successful crack.

I can also rotate and click my right upper shoulder joint (the ball-n-socket one) continuously.

Keep them suggestions coming! btw, is there some kind of DEFINITIVE SITE for cracking your joints? I've been trying to find it, but this blog seems to be the best.

i am a very "crack happy" person all the usual places but especially my back, the lower part on my right side it gives me jip alot so i lie on it and push my pelvis to the opposite side and the sound is sooo satisfying!!!! i get people to give me bear hugs if i want the whole lot doing but i really dont no y i do it some people hav mentioned u cant crack twice in a row but then y does my big left toe do it on call over and over till it goes numb . . . am i the only one?!?!

I train often with weights and dumbells so i also get some backaches here and there cause of improper positioning and stuff.

One trick that worked for me is that i installed a overhead bar that i can grab with both hands and then all of a sudden i let all my body go down in a very loose manner (all relaxed) while hanging on to the bar above me, sometimes it cracks in various places and relieves a lot of tension.

I also use one of those big exercice balloons and lay backwards on it and roll my entire back on it back and front, it sometimes does wonders.

I feel that the more i let myself relax before i do these things, the better it works.

Hope it can help anyone.
Keep this blog alive, its the best source about back cracking i have found so far.

I love visiting this page! xoxox I get off way too much from cracking lol. I think patsy and stef are my heroes. hehe

This site is interesting. Comments ?

Jeez, this really makes me think twice about cracking my neck so often! At first glance, at least. Upon closer inspection, I see that this article has nothing to do at all with human necks, but rather mechanical ball-and-neck structures. With a sigh of relief I continue cracking my neck, but because of this (unfounded) shock, a little less often than previously. The feeling is too good to ignore for too long.

I have a full fledged addiction to popping my toes, ankles, fingers, knees, and sometimes wrist. If I move my arm in the right way my shoulder or rotator cuff will constantly pop at every move of the arm and I am worried about that. I almost think I need to see a doctor because I pop my joints constantly, even after I've popped them. When all of my joints are charged and I can get all of them I am put in pure extasy. After reading this I am convinced its not so bad after all :).

I posted that link as a joke. To scare some people.

[quote]This site is interesting. Comments ?[/quote]

Interresting, but i dont think it can relate to what people are doing here, its like comparing apples and oranges.
Doesnt scare me and i'll keep doing what i do cause it relieves pain and discomfort.

Also, some people went to conventional surgery for their backaches and it usually ended up being worse afterwards so i guess im not doing such a bad thing for myself after all.

(just my .02 cents here) :)

Can somebody tell me if walking on somebodys back will crack it ?
If so, is this the best form of cracking?

I think having someone walk on your back is absolutely insane. You have no control of how much pressure is put on your body. If you want something done right, do it yourself, tehe.

In the past I often let my kids walk on my back, digging in their heels and toes just to get that extra crack out of my stiff back. Though it did wonders at the time, in the end I believe that I would have been better off had I not started that crazy ritual.

I think if you go to Japan or Thailand, some forms of their massages involve walking on the back, but it's done with the 'walker' or masseurs holding onto a beam, so as to control her weight/strength used. It's pretty common in Japan, I think, and also in parts of Asia where they do get little kids to walk on your back.

I've had that kind of massage before and it is really good. I can totally relate to so many things here, that it's amazing. Someone said that they have a few places in their homes which act as "cracking posts", and yes, I have that too! Among them is the garden wall, the sink (to bend over backwards), the washing machine, computer chair. Even as I speak, I've been trying to crack my upper back for ages. Great site! Keep the posts coming and also new suggestions!

I have been addicted to crack since I copied a friend when I was 6 years old. It has gotten worse over the years. (14 years)
I can't sleep at night because I am up cracking my toes and knuckles. I can repeatedly crack my big toes, no waiting.
Some people have accused me of cracking my joints in my sleep, but I think they believe I am sleeping when I am awake cracking for 2 hours.
I can't cuddle with people because my body aches and I have to crack things which makes my tense up, which isn't comfortable to my partner.
I always am cracking joints during tests, and when I am with customers at work.
It is just so obviously getting in the way of my daily life. So if I can quit, and feel better for it in the long run, I want to.

My joints don't seem to be deformed because of crack, but my toes and fingers are almost always tense. I also crack my neck, back, shoulders, wrists, and hips. And my knees crack by themseleves sometimes.
I wonder if cracking is a symptom to a joint problem which is only temporarly helped through cracks.
I wonder if I just tried to quit, and really stuck to it, if my pain would start to go away, or if it would get worse. Is it possible to quit? will my body do the accidental cracks in the place of intended cracks?
I have read one person's success story where they said that after 2 weeks, all the tense feelings go away, if you can hold out that long.
If I try to quit, it doesn't last more than 5 minutes. But maybe I could try harder.
Where is the research to show all of us the truth? It's so frustrating coming across resources that say that they are uncertain.

Lyn, i think you and a lot of others on this blog seem to have developped some kind of a joint cracking addiction over the years.

I wonder if it is causing any harm in the long run...

I became interrested in cracing only because of my back aches and because i really hate to depend on some kind of "professional cracker" to take care of my problems.

I am really happy to have found some tips and tricks to "fix" myself over the years trough experimentation, altought i must admit that a professional ostheopathic practicioner once really solved my sciatic nerve problem once and for all and im so ever thankfull about that.

I also think that conventional medecine is totally ineficient when it comes to back aches of any kinds, back operations often seems to be totally useless if not worsen the situation in a lot of testimonials i have read here and there.

And, painkillers only mask the symptoms without resolving the true nature of the pain.

So i think that if back craking takes the pain away, it is a very good thing.

Cracking is an immense feeling, i constantly crack my knuckles ansd toes and me and my brother click each other's backs at least 10 times a day.
The optimum back clicking method is to lay down with your arms by your side and have someone stand on your back, ten jump off from in between the shoulder blades.

Cracking your joints is totally addictive and it may temporarily help with back pain but at what cost? It makes sense that putting all of that pressure on your joints every day again and again will hurt your body in the long run. The best thing to do is to have self discipline and just stop doing it. Omg what am i saying lol. It feels so orgasmic but we have to stop. Help us!

I am 40 and started by cracking my fingers (main knuckle joints) in 3rd grade. I progressed to knees (in my teens I could lay on my stomach in bed and lift my foot up and down and get a soft crack with nearly every iteration), toes, then the extended joints of my fingers (side to side each way, two cracks), and added thumbs (both joints again) later.

I've noted that swelling (esp. knees)or coldness (toes) really exacerbates the volume and number of cracks, example - after doing brake work on the concrete in my late twenties, the next day I could squat and my sore knees would release a number of extremely loud cracks, up to four in succession. It amazed me.

But the reason for my post: certain things no longer crack (all cracked out?) such as my toes, and other joints have taken to cracking involuntarily (good example: left ankle). Getting out of bed too like others have mentioned yields a number of soft pops from shoulders, elbows, etc.

I also can crack my neck, but try not too because it gives me a muscle tension headache. My most recent addition is my jaw, and yes, like someone else mentioned, I can also crack my erect penis, pushing downword gently ;-) in a 7 o'clock angle.

I also love to stretch (I was thinking of making my own rack), so I guess that's why I enjoy the relaxation of cracking.

Some p.s. stuff -

- most people in this country have light OCD as a result of conditioning (ABC, 123). I believe knuckle cracking is semi-related, but also believe it is a cycle of release that is most addicting (think: orgasm).

- re: the concern on not being able to stop ... I always wondered what would happen if I broke my leg and had to wear a cast and I couldn't crack a knee. I pictured myself going insane, no kidding. Well guess what ... my right knee ended up with a torn meniscus and swelled up 4 times its size (at initial injury), and I was not able to bend it much for months and months. I survived no problem without cracking *that* joint only. The ability to crack disappeared initially after recovery of the knee, but has come back somewhat now.

- in addition to stretching and cracking, I also grind my teeth, though not that much now (it cycles with job stress).

- I believe there is a certain amount of self-masochism associated with knuckle cracking. Like mentioned in the thread: there is a small amount of pain but what follows is worth it.

- I have also had gout (joint crystalization) from excession dehydration (binge drinking) and I wonder what impact that had on my joints / cracking.

- I play a musical instrument, and cracking is a definite part of my warm up routine. It scares me that someday it will diminish my dexterity, however.

When I began cracking my neck, I would get 3-4 cracks either side. Now I get one huge crack on either side, The crack very loud and people can hear it 10 feet away from me. The crack also hurts a little each time. I cant stop. I have a subconcious message telling me to do it!

i used to always crack my... everything. ive cut back a lot because of gettin pains from cracking. now i only do ..'beneficial' cracking. By that i mean, i only crack in ways that makes my body feel good, never sore the next week. for my back.. i sit crossleg then twist one way all the way then bow down while keeping the twist. for my neck, instead of pushing on your jaw, grab the top of your head and slowly pull it down. this method is much much much better for me.

one very bad thing that cracks, is my penis. i dont know why or how, but during sex it is almost a guarentee within some point. it feels aquard, but not painful. a tone of hardness is lost but sex is still do-able and enjoyable. maybe ill bring it up to the doc next visit.

Ok, how did that comment get posted? Thats absolutely disgusting not to mention tacky. I'll take a woman any day over a guy.

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

I started cracking my knuckles when I was about 5 my brother taught me how and at first it hurt but it started happening more and then it felt really good, I became obsessed with it and now im 15 and I have to do crack them every single chance I get. About two weeks ago I spent a week with my grandma and my aunt can pop her thumbs well I became obsessed with that too and now I cant stop. About 7 years ago I learned to crack my back on a chair and now every time I know it can crack I try to crack it. Even if it doesn't want to crack I will try. The wait time till I can crack again drives me crazy. Reading most of the comments above made me want to crack all these parts. I then looked up how to crack my knee and shoulder and elbow. Now I can. I want to stop, I really really do, but something makes me keep going. My mom hates it and is determined that cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis but she does it too. I too think that cracking your joints releases endorphins and is actually addicting. Its the worst habit ever, but it's the best legal releaving one I know of.

I didn't realize there were other people in the world going through the same thing. I have been cracking since I was 12, and I am now 29.
Neck (both sides), both elbows, both wrists (2 joints each), 8 fingers (2 joints each), 2 thumbs (3 joints each), back (both sides), both inner thighs (the crease between my thigh and my private), both knees, both ankles, both feet, and all 10 toes.

I got it so bad, I even crack my husbands fingers and toes just to hear the "cracking" sound. He never cracked anything until he met me, now he loves it. I guess I am a bad influence.

I used to crack my jaw bones when i was younger, but it started to hurt too bad, so I quit. It now sometimes hurts when I chew.

I constantly crack ALL DAY, and it's driving me and everyone else nuts! It feels good, but I really want to quit. I need help!!

Another thing, has anyone ever experienced this? At this very moment, I am trying to crack my pinky finger, and I know it's "crackable", but it just won't crack. Now I keep pulling and pushing it until i could get it to crack. This happens every so often with the same finger and it drives me crazy. It doesn't matter what I am doing. I could be driving, eating, etc..., but I am not satisfied until this finger cracks. Ugghhh, this is a sickening habit!

Yes, I belive that all of us dedicated knuckle-crackers have experienced the very same thing on many occasions. After a good crack, the recovery time is usually on the order of ten minutes or so before the next crack is possible. There is this so-called almost-crackable transition period after around five minutes where wiggling and bending can generate a premature baby snap if you are lucky. However, for the fullest level of pleasure it is recommended waiting for the real crack. So just be patient, this habit is not so sickening after all, so don't worry.

I'm a cracker too: neck, all toes, back, ankle, wrist,knees. I'm not going to start cracking my knuckles because I play piano and I don't wan't to interfere. But anyways, the reason I'm posting is because of my feet. I've been cracking my toes for only 4 years, but my feet are practically deformed: my big toes bent inwards at the joint and my pinky toes bend inwards, very mishapen and gross and embarrassing! My feet are shaped like those pointy high-heel shoes (which I'm guessing isn't a good thing!). well even though there's people out there who have it way worse but I thought I'd share that. This was all really interesting to read!
My New years resolution was to stop cracking my back and neck. well i obviously broke it after the first day but now I limit my cracking to once a day!

This is a new machine that the user can use to crack their back.

It's all true, and I am not sure if this on the market yet. I want one. Or a cheap hooker to do it for me.

knucklecracker29 on post 80:
You said: "Another thing, has anyone ever experienced this? At this very moment, I am trying to crack my pinky finger, and I know it's "crackable", but it just won't crack. Now I keep pulling and pushing it until i could get it to crack. This happens every so often with the same finger and it drives me crazy."

I totally identify with that! I sometimes get that too, particularly my fourth left hand finger. I know it's 'crackable' because it really feels like it, but it just won't go, so I have to try until I get a crack, which when it does, is usually very loud and feels 'deep'. There are times when I know a finger won't crack anymore, and that's fine, because it does feel odd, but when something like what you've mentioned happens, I really must get a crack before I'm satisfied.

Kiffin, I need to thank you once more for your great post.
For the last 20 years I have been a joint cracker myself. I have been extremely frustrated about this not knowing what to do.

I want to stop cracking my ankles, toes, knuckles, spine, neck, shoulders but I cannot.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon your blog after yet another Google search run on "popping joints". I was astonished what I found.

Not only could I identify perfectly with your post I found testimonials of many dozens of other fellow joint crackers. I sensed much knowledge but also much uncertainty.

It took me a while to realize we joint crackers need a proper platform to share our experiences and ideas. Together we can unlock the mysteries surrounding joint popping. With our combined resources we are almost guaranteed to succeed.

This is why I took it upon myself to found a new web community with Joint Cracking at its core.

Feel free to join today!

You're welcome. Hopefully by adding to the list of interesting links in my entry above, you will receive loads of visitors to your forum.

neck: turn head as far left as possible, then lift chin and look upwards. Return head to normal position. Look up, lifting chin as far as it will go, then turn chin left and up, then right and up. If my neck is crackable, those techniques will crack it every time. Head back in normal position, just tilting your head right and up whilst tilting your chin to the left and up also works. Repeat vice versa to stretch and crack the other side. Few things feel better than a series of good solid neck cracks. Beware it's very addictive... too late!

this blog is awesome. i have been cracking my back since i saw my friend do it in the 3rd grade. I am a college freshman now and i have to crack my back all the time its like a drug. i cant stop, it getting really freaky. also i have developed this crazy fetish for cracking other peoples back. . . HOW CAN I STOP!

The question should be: do you really want to stop? Maybe it is not such a crazy fetish after all.

To Crack Ho, post 187 - do you do all this without having to use one of your hands as a kind of lever, and push up on your chin at the same time? I tried your technique, and all I could get was a crack (actually quite a good one) on my right shoulder blade, which I can't crack independantly, but only by accident.

The only way I can crack my neck is to use hand/palm as a kind of lever on my chin.

My fiancee always cracks his knuckles all the time. It really pisses me off bad. I HATE IT. This might be a reason for divorcing him in later life. Please help me!! What can I do to make him stop. I can't take it any longer....

Well, the fact that he is now your fiancee and you are planning to divorce him in later life is a first hopeful step, because it implies you will be marrying him first. Do not forget that knuckle-cracking is an addictive habit which brings one much pleasure, even if by definition it is merely instaneous and short-lived. My advice then is to provide him with a overly pleasurable alternative which will distract him long enough and make him realize that you are more worthwhile. Still, do not fool yourself into believing he will ever completely stop this habit you hate so much. I am afraid it comes with the package. However, I believe your tender loving care can keep it abated, distracting one kind of boring and unreal pleasure eith another more exciting and real pleasure.

I only use hand pressure if I need to achieve a very specific crack in the middle of my neck. I'll grab the hair behind my left ear with my right hand (reaching behind my back) and twist my head around in an anticlockwise direction. If everything goes right, the result is a specific click that can't be achieved in any other way.

Otherwise, the rotational force exerted on my neck vertebrae by my head movements seems to be sufficient to achieve the desired results. Looking upwards before turning the head/chin left and right focuses pressure on the upper neck vertebrae and looking forward and tilting the chin left/right or looking to the side and then upwards focuses on the lower neck vertebrae. If the crack 'is there', just the action alone is sufficient; very little additional pressure is needed.

Love this joint cracking blog, but can't seem to read the comments today. Used to be able to read all the comments.

where have the comments all gone?

Sorry about that, now it should be fixed.

Argh! I really need to crack my upper back and nothing seems to be working!! Can anyone help me? You guys certainly seem like experts!!

I tried all above methods to crack my sternum!!! any others! i really need it done!

I have recently been cracking my sternum, but last night I woke up and tried but I couldn't get it and I think I tried a little too hard. Woke up the next day and it hurts whenever I move my arms or bend.

I just LOVE cracking my knuckles!I dont smoke,i drink on occasion.....thinking bout it,i dont have any other I'm gonna let myself crack crack,crack for the rest of my life!
I just discovered a new way to crack my back about 2 weeks ago,...and boy,does IT feel good....

People who say its disgusting dont know what they're missing out on...Actually in the East,cracking ur knuckles is considered a way of getting the energy in your body to flow as opposed to the West where its considered a bad habit.

Happy cracking u all!!!

Wowwerz, tons of ppl have been commenting. I havent been here in forever. Keep on cracking! (hi patsy :)

Heres what you do when you're totally bored and need to crack. You can have a crack contest with parts of your body! Ok its right hand vs. left foot- right hand takes the lead with an amazing thumb pop- left foot just gave a loud middle toe crack. Wait, right hand comes back with 4 sideways cracks.

You can email me if you now beleive I'm a total moron! :P hi patsy! xoxoxox


Hello fellow lunatics, I CAN CRACK BOTH MY EARS IN TWO PLACES!!! The right one is the easier to get at. I must hold a sock or other piece of fabric in order to get a grip. I grab hard onto the top of my ear and pull straight up. This lets off a very deep and loud explosion. I can do the same with my left ear but it can be hard to get a grip. Sometimes pulling straight up won't do it and I must pull the top of my ear at different angles until finally after much effort I pull it at just the right angle and it cracks but sometimes it just won't and I am left with deep sadness and a stinging ear. Also I can pull down on my earlobes and get a tiny but "real" crack. Also this is embarassing but I also used to crack the small toe of my beloved little dog I had as a child but I in no way believe he got any pain or even noticed I used to do this occasionaly. I would just lightly bend to the side the front segment of his smallest right "toe" and it would give off a little crack.

I just love to do it back2back with a friend, lock elbows then taking turns. It's soo nice and soo fun!!

I just love to do it back2back with a friend.
It's feels soo nice and it's soo fun!!

ifeel sexy when my wife cracks her toes

My husband's Dr. cracked his sacrum and he loved it! Jealous you can do it yourself!

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