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 Rapid chatter like that of monkeys... Alright, so it is time to do something really useful again. After the tremendous response from my previous entry, I am even more inspired to pursue yet another quantum leap in awareness. Let's go folks.

Here is everything I could find about the word Gibberish, which is an "official" word that gets as close as one can get to the title of this blog without getting caught.


  1. Unintelligible or nonsensical talk or writing.

  2. Highly technical or esoteric language.
  3. Rapid chatter like that of monkeys.
  4. Unnecessarily pretentious or vague language.
  5. Rapid and inarticulate talk; unintelligible language; unmeaning words; jargon.


Nonsense, gibberish; jargon, jabber, mere words, hocus-pocus, fustian, rant, bombast, balderdash, palaver, flummery, verbiage, babble, baverdage, baragouin, platitude, niaiserie; inanity; flapdoodle; rigmarole, rodomontade; truism; nugae canorae; twaddle, twattle, fudge, trash; poppy-cock [U.S.]; stuff, stuff and nonsense; bosh, rubbish, moonshine, wish-wash, fiddle-faddle; absurdity; vagueness (unintelligibility)...


  1. Gibber.
  2. Gibbered.
  3. Gibbering.
  4. Gibbers.

Extracting the most essential terms from above which appeal to me the most, the best of all possible summaries for my blog is: "highly technical, esoteric, rapid monkey chatter."

Ayone else out there who would like to take a stab at an even better and more creative description?



This verb ('horn-swah-gul) (also hornswoggle) simple means to bamboozle or hoax. You may hear people using this word coming out of any government office.

The boy realized he had been hornswaggled when he opened the package for his x-ray glasses and found a cheap pair of plastic glasses with a skeletal hand printed right on the lenses.

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