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Alright, I am going to have to restrain myself from writing too much gibberish and other insane ramblings. People are already starting to question my sanity and whispering to each other behind my back. About that character over there who really does not know what he is doing nor does he understand what the world is all about. Do not want that to happen. From now on.

So then I have to write down something more earthly and mundane. Need to get my fans back by getting myself first back in shape. Okay. What now? Rewind, refresh and start from the very beginning. Howabout the following?

  • When I woke up it took me about ten seconds or so to realize that I was not dreaming anymore.

  • Or better yet, that by awakening to another day I was geared up for an episode of dreaming again in the so-called real world which is not that real at all.

  • Crammed down two pieces of brown bread with half the jar of jam spread out in a blob of sweetness inbetween.

  • With the last swallow still oozing its way down my esophagus, ran upstairs and took a shower, drinking my coffee at the same time.

  • Shave, hack, shave and brush my teeth.

  • Dry myself, put on my clothes, throw my wadded tie in the bag, crumpled again.

  • Cycle to work with the strong wind at my back, little effort and so fast!

  • Meeting, emails emails more emails, meeting, lunch and more.

  • Yet another meeting, some compliments, emails and review two very important documents, very important.

  • Time to go, escape from my work get back home that is, no more wind and a little drizzle.

  • That ever so slight moistness "attaches" itself to my facial contours, oozing down almost erotically past my lips with the pull of gravity.

  • Dinner, television with the kids, instant decaf, quiet please I cannot hear the news!

  • Maarten in bed, Sabien in bed, helping Lennart massage his web graphics to produce really cool effects.

  • And then Marlies chatting on the Internet and chatting with whoever.

  • Thea stays downstairs glued to the television hoping that the Dutch will win yet another gold medal. They just skate and skate in circles which is not very thrilling for me.

  • In about two hours I will go to bed with a good book: first "A Beautiful Mind" and then "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" to put me into a deep very deep sleep.

  • What an adventure. And then it will start all over again. All over again.

Was that normal enough or was it too boring?


Neither, it was interesting to read.

I really like your weblog by the way. I'll be back. (Well, I mean I'll carry on coming back, as I have been for quite a while) It's always nice to see another European weblogger such as myself as well. :)

Oh and I forgot to mention - your weblog design is incredibly good. I dread to think of the CSS work involved, but it was sure worth it. Congrats!

See Kiffin, even your mundane entries are interesting! ;)

Hi Kiffin

I'm re-reading Wayne Dyer's "Your Sarcred Self" yet again and you reminded me of the following lines:

"You enter your dreaming world with a complete absence of doubt about what you can experience. With that absence of doubt there are absolutely no limits. When you awaken to what you call your waking consciousness, you will have the same body, brain and perceptual equipmet, but you introduce doubt"

We're mad ...all mad!


Wow, that must be some kind of record for me: four comments. What did I do?!

I had nothing to say, just saw that you were amazed by the number of comments and I felt the need to make the number bigger.

Hey Roaming Redhead, thanks alot. I am always up for yet another bump!

That is what Tom Robbins refers to loathingly as "maintenence". I hate maintenence!!! I need a manservant.

Kiffin... don't listen to banal critics! They're idiots.
Your day might be interesting but your thoughts are infinitely more intriguing! I don't think anyone gets fans by posting their agenda... readers come becasue they can see how your thoughts relate to life, whether it be theirs or your own. We all struggle with that balance... but god knows you don't want to become another "social" blog like so many of my friends have. I read those and roll my eyes... they can never involve me, as an observer in any way! Viva abstraction! So what if you're a visionary? ; )

Kiffin is the comment king! :)

This is hard to believe. Never thought just blasting out my boring daily activities in linear fashion could have ever inspired so many kind folks to comment. A true mental avalanche.

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