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So I was able to play in the Dutch Nationaal Matchplay Kampioenschap Heren. With my 4.2 handicap I was able just to squeeze by because of other cancellations to become number sixty-three out of sixty-four entrants. Not that I expected to get very far, but I was really intent on doing my best and felt very excited about the whole ordeal.

As it turns out my first match was against this big athletic-looking guy who had a two handicap. On the first hole I powered my drive right down the middle, popped my eight iron onto the green and just missed my birdie putt for a par. Already one up after the first hole.

After that fine moment things became more challenging. I was hitting the ball pretty well except there you go again I was pulling my long irons way left, hit a drive out of bounds, and once even hit a wrong ball (automatic loss of hole in matchplay). I asked him if it had my mark on it, and he said yes that it was a Titleist 2 with a black cross on it. Not. I should have checked anyway and not trusted him, oh well be more careful the next time.

For the front nine I was hanging in there pretty good only one down, so I had a chance. However, the rest was history and he blew me away, in the end winning four of the next five holes to win 5-3. Bummer, better luck next year.

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