Month: January 2023


Decided to splurge again on golf and sign up as a member of the golf club called Golfbaan Bentwoud stichting (foundation).

It's only a twenty minute drive from my house, and it offers very nice training facilities. I can also play on the golf course for a big discount, and in the afternoons it is never busy there. This is really nice for me, because much of the time my home course is booked solid, and I cannot play on late notice.

I want to workout three times a week, practice golf and play more often, and take part in as many (senior) tournaments as possible. My goal this year is to get my handicap down below five and to win at least one tournament (maybe three).

Ten years ago to this very day I gave up drinking. Since then I have not had a single drop of alcohol. That day way back then when I stopped drinking for good was a defining moment in my life. I am very thankful that since then, I have had the courage and perseverance to successfully resist the many evils of that malicious and conniving substance.

Back then excessive drinking was ruining my life, and I had to do something about it or else.

Now I am a much better person without it. Being liberated is a wonderful blessing and I am able to enjoy the present, just live day by day. I plan to be this way for the rest of my life.

First time this year I played golf, from the back tees. Climate was a bit cold and wet, and just finished the front nine before it got too dark. Actually on the last hole I could barely see the ball.

Bogey, bogey, par, par, bogey, par, bogey, par, bogey for a 41.

Not bad for the first time in almost two months. Hit the ball pretty well, had no penalty shots, and I made a couple of long putts. I am really looking forward to a fun and exciting new year of golf.

After having had a great year working at KPN Rotterdam as a frontend developer Angular on the QCarbon Team, I feel honored and privileged that my contract there has been extended. Time to dive back in and make the product even better.

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