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The next time you have a match with your son on the squash court and feel overly confident that you can pocket an easy win, think twice before you take on the challenge.

Being overly confident, I brandished my squash racket like a sword going into battle, and the match started out well. However, after two minutes I ran into the wall and banged my head. My son warned me that the walls are as hard as concrete so be careful.

However, being the stubborn older man past his prime, I failed to heed his warning, believing that I was unbeatable.

So just around the five minute mark, I dove for a low ball my son had skillfully bounced into the corner. I bashed my left shoulder into the wall and felt a snap, either it was a rib, my shoulder blade or some cartilage.

So much pain, I couldn't believe it!

The first thing I thought was that I would never be able to play golf again.

Now it is three weeks later and I am still suffering a sharp pain and am unable to raise my arm very high. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make an appointment with the doctor and get it checked just in case.

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