Month: August 2022

Time again for me to upgrade my laptop to the latest version. I realize that three years isn't such a long time, but I figured that I work hard and deserve the best tools of my trade in order to provide the most professional service possible.


The specifications are quite impressive.

  • Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-1270P-processor van de 12e generatie, met vPro® (E-cores tot 3,50 GHz en P-cores tot 4,80 GHz)
  • Operating System - Ubuntu 22.04
  • Memory - 48 GB (16 GB soldered + 32 GB SO-DIMM) DDR4 3200MHz
  • Storage - 1 TB SSD, M.2 2280, PCIe Gen4, TLC, OP
  • Monitor - 14-inch WQUXGA (3840 x 2400), IPS, ontspiegeld, vlekbestendig, antireflectie, touchscreen, 500 nits, weinig blauw licht, International Color Consortium
  • Color - Black
  • Graphic Card - NVIDIA GeForce® MX550, 2 GB, GDDR6
  • Camera - Hybride FHD IR/RGB-camera met microphone
  • Wireless - 11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.0 vPro®

Rhinotillexomania, the pathological habit of nose picking, is a condition that causes a person to compulsively pick their nose till they self-harm. Once considered merely as a bad habit, it is now recognized as a psychiatric disorder.

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Since I've been playing better lately, I decided to reward myself with a new driver. The Callaway I have been using has been good to me, but in the five years since I first bought it, much has changed in terms of modern technology. I figured it was time to take advantage of the newest improvements and crank up my game another notch.

TSi3 Driver - Dynamic Distance. For players who create more consistent contact and require more precise control over CG placement. Features an Adjustable CG Track Design for advanced speed-tuned performance.

There are number of important differences with my previous driver, namely:

  • Higher loft (from 9 to 10 degrees).
  • Slightly more flexible shaft (between stiff and regular).
  • Lighter and more aerodynamic head for higher velocity.
  • Better feel and nicer sound on ball impact.
  • Distance increase of 20+ extra yards.

When I was younger one was taught to hit the ball lower, but nowadays if you really want to get more distance you need to let the ball fly high. Also, as I get older my swing speed has decreased and the measurements made showed that my swing speed was at the bottom of the stiff band. As I get older, the swing speed will eventually dip below into the regular stiff area, so now I can use a driver that will adapt better to my swing. I do notice by the way that a slightly more flexible shaft is tricky for me right now as I tend to swing too quickly and force the ball to the left. I can slow down slightly and become more consistent with straighter drives that in the end go just as far and even farther than when I swing too fast.

It's going to take some getting used to, I tend to pull the ball to the left, but when I let one go it can really fly! We will have to wait and see if it can make a difference in my game, but I suspect it will.

Tante Rina passed away last night, she was ninety-three years old. She had a long and prolific life and during the final years did her best despite her waning health. I met her for the first time during family gatherings at Thea's parents' house when I first came to Holland. While she is not a real aunt, tradition in this country uses the family term aunt (tante) for all close women friends as well. The funeral was done very nicely, although since she was so old there weren't alot of people attending. They gave some speeches recounting her life and played classical music since that was her favorite. We once went together to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to enjoy some classical works, and had a nice lunch at her favorite place across the street.

The next day in the same hospital my oldest daughter gave birth to a perfect little boy. What an interesting coincidence, very beautiful when you think about it. Fading away into the inevitability of death and coming to light in perfection as a new little soul of energy.

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