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An object that carries data between processes. Communication between processes is accomplished via remote interfaces where each call is an expensive operation. The cost of each call is proportional to the round-trip time between the client and the server. This means that the number of calls can be greatly reduced by using an object that aggregates the data that is served by one call only rather than transferred over several calls. This is referred to as a data transfer object (DTO).


Say goodbye to yet another beard. After struggling ten days battling the incessant itch, I had finally grown a pretty impressive beard. I could have let it grown even longer, but my wife found it too ugly to bear. Oh well, there goes another beard.

The annual 'Jong tegen Oud' match play tournament took place again this year on Sunday, 22 September. The weather was nice and sunny, and the playing conditions were nearly perfect for fun day of golf.

This traditional challenge has proven to be a grueling contest matching a team of young whippersnappers against an older team of wise and experienced seniors.

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