Buried alive

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I never knew before what it was really like to perish this way, but now I know for sure. I'm on my hands and knees in some kind of ditch, and there are a couple other people next to me. There is this overall feeling of a pending doom, and the faces of the other people describe the fear that I am feeling inside. The ditch is maybe twenty yards long, and if we can move across the narrow ditch fast enough, we might make it in time. Suddenly, there is this rumble behind us. As the ground starts to shake more and more, we realize that some kind of giant bulldozer is approaching us quickly. Then without warning, this wave of darkness curls over me, the sky on the distant horizon gets filled in. First in my hair, then my shoulders and the rest of my body get covered, as tons of dirt fall on top of me. It's a lot heavier than what I had expected, and it is the weight of the dirt on top of my chest that prevents me from breathing, not the lack of air. When there is no longer a single ray of light, all sounds get muffled and then disappear, and I just wait while it gets colder and colder.

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