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I now keep an updated statistics page which tracks these kinds of statistics for those folks who are interested.

At home I can escape and do some work in the attic.

As a true leader of people, how much is it your responsibility to motivate the team for which you are the responsible manager?

One is often told to go out and motivate the team to work harder and be more productive, or else. However, it is a hard fact of nature that true motivation has as its source an inner awakening of energy. It cannot be forced upon people from the outside by snapping fingers and spewing threatening words.

People have to motivate themselves, no one else can do that for them. If that inner source is missing no amount of ranting, raving or showering of inspirational words of wisdom will make the slightest difference in the world.

So what is the true leader of people supposed to do? Remove obstacles, open up the road ahead, give a clear vision of which direction to go, and foster a sincere conviction that each individual's sense of belonging and intellectual creativity will greatly influence the world around him or her.

It's all about working toward a common end result of which everyone can be proud. The prouder the better, true motivation leads to satisfaction, to be part of a proud group of top-notch experts.

The team is composed of a collection of unique personalities and expertise areas, working dynamically together, to motivate and thereby achieve so-called impossible goals.

That's what motivation is all about.

My job is to ensure the fast, predictable, and uninterrupted flow of planned work, delivering continuous value to the business, while minimizing impact and disruption of unplanned work, thereby providing a stable, predictable and secure service to all of our customers. This is quite a mouthful and is an almost impossible challenge which for me is the best kind of challenge one can ever ask for and be lucky enough to pursue.

Birdie, par, par, par, and there I was one under par after the first four holes, even just barely lipping out two birdie chances along the way. Then something happened, I don't know what, except that from that moment on everything went downhill, it was a serious meltdown. Bogie, bogie, bogie, bogie and bogie, five lousy bogies in a row, ending the front nine four over for a disappointing forty. Of those last five holes every single tee shot I crunched straight down the middle of the fairway, leaving me with an easy approach shot to the green: from fifty meters over the green, from eighty meters short in the trap, from ninety meters too far to the back fringe for a three putt, from one hundred forty meters hooked a seven iron to the front left of the green followed by a chip and two putt (missed the three footer), and finally from one hundred ten meters an easy wedge flopped too short resulting in a chip and two putt (missed the four footer). I guess it could have been worse, for example a string of double-bogies for a forty-five. But it should have been much better, that's for sure. Better luck next time.


Alright so we finally gave in and splurged big time. This television has everything you'd ever need and even more. It's got many fancy features including: Full HD LED, 3D, Interactive TV, SmartTV, HDMI, Wifi, Scart, USB, EasyLink and last but not least Ambient Lighting.

The remote control looks like belongs as part of a cockpit panel, and on the back it has its own mini-keyboard. I also purchased a separate wireless keyboard with integrated mouse-pad so that we can more naturally navigate the SmartTV interface and also surf the internet.

Too bad it is so complicated that I can only figure out about half the possibilities. I will have to ask my son to instruct me on how to use all of the options.

Philips 6100-serie Ultraslanke 3D Smart LED-TV
Philips 6100-serie Ultraslanke 3D Smart LED-TV

Tomorrow is a long long time if you're a memory
Trying to find peace of mind
Spirit come back to me,
Give me strength and set me free
Let me hear the magic in my heart.

- Neil Young, Ragged Glory, Love and only Love

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