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Since I hadn't really played much golf in two months, I was afraid that I'd be duffing and shanking the ball all over the place. Despite the weather I decided to give a go anyway.

I was the only one at the driving range this afternoon, I mean who'd be crazy enough to go to the golf club in such lousy freezing weather? So it didn't really matter how poorly I hit the ball, it was just me and mother nature blowing wind and rain at me in cold bursts of inclement disappointment.

For starters I chose the pitching wedge and placed it carefully behind the ball. Looked in the distance and focused my attention on the yellow flag at one hundred meters. I took a grand swat at the ball, my first swing in ages and there it went. The ball sky-rocketed upwards, straight as a whistle, and landed about three feet from the yellow flag. How's that possible?

And that's pretty much how things went as I worked my way through the three buckets of balls. Bang, bang, bang. I did mis-hit a couple balls, shanked twice and duffed just once. In general much better than I ever could have expected. Not bad at all, I guess there's still hope. The magical groove of golf is still ingrained in my mind and body.

An interesting trend though was that the more balls I hit the worse the shots became. Not that they got really bad, but there was a tendency to hit the ball less purely and start pulling it to the left. Like at the beginning you are slightly stiff, just stiff enough so that the plain of the swing stays in line and the swing is not quite hard enough that the chances of hitting fat or thin are much less. The more I swung the looser my arms and hips, and thereby the wobblier the plain of my swing. Harder to control, more concentration needed, something that I definitely hadn't practiced in awhile.

Pulling the ball to the left, consistently to the left, how come the ball is going over there? Well, got to practice some more this week and in the weekend. Next year more stellar rounds and possibly an even low handicap, we'll see.

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