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Remember the good old days when the word 'urgent' really meant something? When an occasional exclamation mark or two could raise one's attention level like a good kick in the rear?

You would see that word and jump, it was truly an eye-catcher. Got to do something right away, or else! Had it appeared on an envelope falling through your mail slot, you could not do anything else before that important letter had been opened and read very carefully.

Nowadays the word appears everywhere, usually formatted as large bold text, more often than not followed by a series of giant exclamation marks. In order to cast a hook into your eyeball in case you don't notice.

URGENT !!!!!!!!

I don't know about other people or the average human being, but I've become so numbed by word 'urgent' that I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not notice it anymore.

I should be careful. A life or a fortune could be lost in the not so distant future, just because I do not notice how urgent something really is.

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