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There was this youngish person standing on the escalator just in front of me as I was ascending to the main level of the train station in Utrecht.

Dressed in a pin-striped suit, a bright purple tie which glittered, and carrying a chic-looking attache case.

But he was wavering slightly from left to right and then plainly wobbling. At the top of the escalator he almost fell over and stumbled his way to the next train, wherever that might be.

Nice looking chap but obviously drunk.

I decided to follow him, in case he needed help but also because I was curious where he was going and how far he would make it.

I lost him in the crowd but five minutes later discovered him slumped over on a bench with his forehead pressing uncomfortably against the trash dispenser to the side.

His expensive-looking attache case was lying loose to his side. Any passerby could have snatched it, and certainly that train station is notorious for the many pick-pockets wandering around in search of the next unknowing victim.

Should I help him out or leave him be?

He was drunk and passed out which is his own darn fault. If I helped him he would have no reason not to repeat this irresponsible drinking binge next Friday just the same. If a thief happened to steal his stuff, maybe he would become so shocked he would think again before succumbing to his tendency towards excessive alcohol.

I guess I could have warned the policeman standing over there but I didn't. By not helping him I was helping him alot.

So I continued my way and life went on as usual as if nothing had ever happened which it didn't.

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