Month: June 2005

Happy birthday dear mom...

I tried calling you all evening, but you weren't home for some reason.

Well, I hope you still had a fun and relaxing birthday.

So I am sitting there in the train absorbed by chapter five of my computer networks book, when I hear the conductor announce that we have arrived in Gouda.

You would think that the older you got the less interested you became in the wonderful world of computer programming, not the other way around.

The usual career path in this business is dictated from the moment the unknowing soul finishes his university degree in computer science: junior programmer, software engineer, senior developer, project leader, team leader, project manager, team manager, and onwards and upwards the ladder of so-called success.

However, in my heart I remain a hardcore developer who still loves just to hack around on the computer trying new ideas out and creating amazing feats of programming skills (that no one else is interested in except myself).

There is nothing wrong with that, because in the end that is what I enjoy the most.

Isn't that what life is all about?

So what did those innocent little screws ever do to deserve such an unfair fate?

To make matters even worse, I take my cordless Mikata driver-drill and ruthlessly drive each and every one deep into the interior of the wood never to see the light of day again.

Driven deep into nowhere to hold up a shelf, the side of a cabinet, or the door hinge, and then staying that way until who knows when.

If it weren't for the daily sacrifices of these many pointy and metallic heroes, not much else in the world would be standing right now.

Keep up the good work.

Sorry, but now they have proven that it is impossible to go back in time and try to convince your teenage parents not to get married so that you would never be born.

Paradox explained.

Today marks exactly twenty-five years ago to the day that my life changed for once and for all.

The moment I first lay my eyes on Thea, who was walking down the road towards me with her blond hair and bright smile, I knew then as clearly as I know now that we were meant to be together.

Life can be pretty unpredictable in more ways than one, but the real challenge is believing in yourself and taking the right decision at the right moment.

There is nothing that I hate more than the strong smell of tobacco except for the strong smell of tobacco combined with a stale alcoholic breath.

As the train approaches the next station I can see him standing there with smoke spewing out of his mouth as he takes his last puff and tosses the cigarette butt to the ground. The last swigs of beers have taken place already, and I hope he won't be sitting in the same train carriage as I.

Bad luck this time around as he gets in and makes a not so grand entrance. Although he plops in the seat at the opposite end of the carriage, it stinks so bad I have to put the back of my hand in front of my nose.

Perhaps I am exaggerating, falling victim to my own neuroses, not wanting to be the person I might have become, but that is just the way I can subconsciously protect myself.

For a list of reasons why we craft the things we do check out this page for fun.

I can't believe it, but good ol' bluemars is back in town.

I used to listen to it all the time, but then one day it just disappeared into empty space.

This evening it reappeared from outer space again, like some evening flying saucer hovering down low above my rooftop.

Long ago, when the waters of Mars were still under 
the ground and above the sky, our ancestors came to 
this place and called it "Home". And from the high 
Plains of Tharsis to the Elysium Ocean, from as  
high as Mount Olympus to as deep as the floor of
the Hellas sea, one can still hear the song of our 
brothers and sisters chanting to us throughout the 

This melody is one that is made of hopes... It is 
sang with the voice of nostalgia, and looks ahead
with pride. Listen...

I feel happy and relaxed again listening to those soothing, ambient sounds.

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While we were getting our house rebuilt, the queen had invited the whole family to stay over at her palace for a couple weeks.

Before I had met her I had despised her as a stuck up pompous person, but during our stay she turned out to be a very cordial and personable hostess.

I also discovered that she was a very intelligent and wise person who through long discussion in front of the royal fireplace made me feel much better about myself and life in general.

When the house was completed and we returned to live in our humble abode, I became a fanatic fan of the royal family, hung up posters and flags all over the place, and taped every single television and radio program on which the queen appeared.

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