Month: May 2005

Notwithstanding what could possibly go wrong at the last moment, just forgetting the time and the fact that departure is pretty much always right on time, it was a bit of a surprise to me when it actually happened. Never had that happened to me before.

I had scoped out a suitable carriage way back at the end. As I slowly but surely approached that self-imposed destination, the whistle blew. Pretty much right on time, as I glanced up at the clock and watched the red second hand click the last notch straight upwards. The second hand seemed to pause just for an instant, but that was a comical illusion. The passing of time just teasing me with a wink.

Since I was caught at the exact midpoint between the two doors on either end of the current train carriage, still three carriages distant from the finish line, the pressurized air whooshed out and closed the doors as quickly as that. Slam shut and take off will you.

I was stuck alone on the platform as the train rolled past me and disappeared off into the distance. A long forgotten wad of paper trying to keep up but despairing with a final gasp. Nor did I feel like moving even ever so slightly, as if I would give that teasing wink the satisfaction of telling me so.

Going to have to wait another thirty minutes for a second try.

Sometimes (too often than not) other people think they have a better way of doing things while you know silently your way is really the better approach.

What seems to you to be perfectly logical may not be so in the eyes of those above and to the side. Gut-feeling, an emotional sideways glance, who know what.

That's when arguments and discussions have no purpose anymore because the other decision has already been made.

Just accept it for now and hope that in the end it will come back to you in the not so distant future.

Come back in the end to where it meant to be all along.

Yesterday was the first sunny and warm day this year.

Since I've been living here, I do not think I have ever had to wait this long for the weather to be kind.

Kind to a good old California boy who prefers a normal climate for this time of the year.

Why have to wait?

Take it.

Take it while it comes.

Take it while it comes and then let it go.

Take it while it comes and then let it go like there was nothing else in the world.

That really mattered.

Thea's mother just turned eighty which is quite an accomplish to say the least.

I sure hope I last that long, and if I do that I will be as vibrant and active as she is.

We will have to wait and see what happens to me in the long run, whenever that comes along.

Until then it's one step at a time.

Where do memories exist? Take a look at the Human Brain Map to see in 3D the structures and functions inside your skull.

After sitting around in a complete mess for who knows how long, the rebuilding of our house is nearly complete.

Now it is time for the finishing touch, the floor with fancy stone tiles. We have been waiting a long time and are excited.

The only problem is that it turns out that the builder has put in a crooked new floor, meaning that it slants downwards from the middle of the bottom floor for a total height of about one and a half centimeters.

This might not sound like alot, but the slight difference in height makes it impossible to lay the tiles without introducing ugly kinks, thereby making the floor tiles very uneven and bumpy in appearance.

The builder says that this is not his fault (supposedly this difference lies within some unwritten builders norm) and the tile person refuses to do anything until the floor is finished (falling within the acceptable range of his other unwritten law).

Everyone is pointed the finger at everyone else, as we just stand in the middle on our cement floor looking around and wondering when this will ever end.

Yet another messy situation that never should have happened, making life an unexpected thrill, interesting because it is so unpredictable.

"The Unified Modelling Language provides significant benefits in helping to build rigorous, traceable models of software systems in a consistent manner. Enterprise Architect supports this process in an easy to use, fast and flexible environment."

You'd think that by now I would have learned enough about computers and stuff that I wouldn't have to keep on filling my brain with newer and newer information.

Shocked to say the least I was upon hearing that doctors had discovered that my hero Neil Young a brain tumor had.

Thankful I very am that the surgery was a success and he survived, as his letter of thanks attests to that fact.

Cannot wait to discover yet another CD of his in the music store.

There's alot of it going around lately, but no one is quite sure where it is coming from.

Perhaps the real question might be whether or not it would in the end be useful to know.

Not knowing is more than likely the better way to go.

Even if it cannot be proved.

There right in front of me was yet another middle-aged conflict ready to become so very exaggerated that there was no end in sight. Or was there?

The mechanical beings were coming this way, quicker and quicker, and it looked like they were ready to charge us. As if we were not ready but we were, those feeble mis-wired electrical minds.

Since birth we had been taught that they would be stopped and that it was up to us or else. The time had come and it was now or never.

This was the first and the last chance at the same time, as the mechanical beings approached and then we knew.

We knew and then it was all over.

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