Bunch of bull frogs

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Boy I am sure glad that I do not live over there in one of the houses across the street, right next to the water. At night the croaking and squeaking sound of a thousand and one frogs, toads and other amphibious creatures is bad enough. Imagine having to sleep in bed with your windows open right above that cacophony of sounds. The ironic thing is that while those houses are exactly like ours, except for the fact that they are stand-alone, they cost about half as much more than ours. Then again I might be suffering an acute case of over irritation at trivial sounds, something I was born with and make more of a big deal about than is necessary. The so-called poor souls living over there right next to the bunch of bull frogs probably do not notice a single thing. So what am I complaining about again?


You know, there are millions of people who actually live with croaking and squeaking sounds 24 hours a day, wherever they go or live. Have you heard of a medical condition called Tinnitus?

So perhaps my real problem is that I am suffering from an acute case of tinnitus without even realizing it! Thanks alot for the tip. Or then again, due to some overly sensitive nerve-endings bared and splayed I am hearing normally imperceptible sounds as if they have been magnified a thousand if not a million fold.

I just so happen to live right by an Interstate and the river. We hear various birds and crickets etc... but never thought about frogs. Well, we found out that the place we live in is named after the singing frog. Yes, my friend the singing Bullfrog, and we have yet to hear one. If you can believe it, the train track is also right near our house and we have been trying to lure birds here to block out all the interstate traffic and trains. Then we found out about the Bullfrogs that use to live in the river and are now hoping they will come back and trying to do everything we can to get them back even if we have to buy them. We went a little deeper into the situation and also found out that there is a series of problems in our river, such as the low population of male fish due to female toobers urinating in the river while on the birth control pill. Our drinking water is also bad, the second worst in Texas not to mention what runs off into the rivers, so I suggest if you notice a species gone, you do some reaserch on the earth around you and find out the truth about why they are gone because it effects you as a species to!

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