Three mile canyon

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There was this lady sitting behind me in the train and she was yelling and screaming. So what could all that ruckus be about? Messed up my time trying to relax by gazing out the window and thinking about nothing. Turns out she was talking on the phone. Aggravating how some folks think that just because they are using a mobile phone they have to raise their voices a hundred decibels or more. As if they are shouting to someone standing on the other side of some immense canyon three miles across.


They finally figured it out here by offering "quiet" trains, certain trains which do not allow the use of cell phones. I find myself speaking a bit louder than I should on my cell at times, perhaps because it is difficult to hear the person on the other end....or like other people, just feel it necessary for some unknown reason..... I really should be more aware (and courteous to others!). Thanks for the reminder, Kiffin!

Well Kathleen, just because you might "think" it's noisy around you does not necessarily mean that you have to shout over the noise to get your point across. Don't forget: your mouth is right up next to the microphone, and even a low mumble will carry across the airwaves just fine.

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