I give up

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Normally I have alot of patience, but now I am raising my hands and giving up, that's it, I've had it.

"... lose weight while you sleep, pharmacy with smart prices, hydrocodone and vicodin, software cheaper than cheap, buy viagra lowest prices, horny teen girls, save hundreds of dollars, mortgage at even lower rates, make your penis bigger and harder, you won't believe it, no pumps, weights or exercise ..."

As of today there will be no more kiffin@gish.demon.nl email address. Close it down, see you later, oh well.

I have decided to remove this fine email address, because it is completely drowning under spam. I have now reached an all time high of more than 250 spam mails a day and am completely unable to swim through it and filter out the "real" messages for me.

Thanks alot all you abusive and inconsiderate jerks!

[Note: Family and friends can still contact me via my personal email of course. For those others still wanting to contact me, you can always send me a message via my email page]


Kiffin is an interesting name. Is it your real name or just an alias? How did you come about it?

More info about my weird name.

Have you ever heard of the term numerology? It is the idea that your name/s (real and/or alias) affect your life and personality. I suppose it works, somewhat, similar to astrology, the concept of predestined life. The struggle of fate versus free will is something that comes to my mind from time to time. You might find it interesting to look upon this subject. It's just a suggestion.

Coincidentally I am a big fan of numerology. For example, my favorite number is eleven, which contains two ones and is symmetrical and doubles to twenty-two which is also symmetrical and so on.

There is a site that deals with numerology. I've forgotten what the exact address is, but you can find it on [google.com]. Just search for kabalarian phylosophy and enter the first result that comes up. They analyze your name for you. You might find it interesting.

I think are referring to this article of mine. Unfortunately, the web site you are referring to now charges money for the analysis -- used to be free. Oh well, might as well get rich while you can.

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  • I give up: I think are referring to this article of mine. Unf ...
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  • I give up: There is a site that deals with numerology. I've f ...
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  • I give up: Coincidentally I am a big fan of numerology. For e ...
    - Kiffin
  • I give up: Have you ever heard of the term numerology? It is ...
    - Fenrir
  • I give up: More info about my weird name. ...
    - Kiffin

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