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The Dutch are unbelievably squeaky clean when it comes to washing their windows. Everywhere you look, you see shining perfectly transparent windows with not a single smudge or particle of dust. I spent a large part of the afternoon attempting to achieve this mysterious art of perfection, but I failed terribly. Streaks all over the place and dried up leftovers of spotted droplets. I do not know how they do it. Rubbing and re-rubbing does not help either. Oh well, while my windows may not be perfectly transparent and pristine, they can honestly be referred to as clean, at least in the technical sense.


Go to the store, buy a "Zeem" (a cloth) and "Een Fles Spiritus" (a blue bottle containing highly flamable blue fluid). Wash your window like your always do then take the Zeem an put a bit of Spiritus on it and Rub like you never rubbed before.

Can you equate those products to something similar/same sold in the US? Thank you, so much.

Here's an attempt to translate the Dutch: "zeem" means chamois-leather, shammy, wash-leather; and "spiritus" means methylated spirit, meths, spirits (but not the kind you can drink). Hope this helps.

Do these suggestions work for tinted windows as well?

As far as I know, it should not make any difference. You are merely cleaning the surface of the window, so the tinted inner color should hopefully not be affected.

As a professional window tinter I have to say be very careful here! - You can clean "body tinted" windows the same way you clean glass, however "film tinted" windows are quite different and I would only use a mild mix of diswashing liquid and warm water mixer. Do Not use meths or amonia products! - You will ruin you film tint and be faced with a sizable bill or hassle removing your spoiled film

Folks, here's an alternative: Use denatured alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and after wiping off the excess, try rubbing the window with a bit of crumpled up newspaper! Works for me! (Something about the ink in the newsprint, if I remember what my dear old deceased mother told me correctly). It's safer than using the highly flammable mixtures others have recommended (although, I still wouldn't smoke or carry a lit match in my hand whilst using denatured alcohol - that stuff burns clear!)

Good luck and keep them shining!
(Merry Christmas to all!)

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