Integers and strings

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For the last day or so I have been suffering an extreme bout of intense debugging you-know-what #$@! frustrations of the higher aggravating kind.

A very very bothersome bug in my program has been hiding deeply somewhere in my code. For some weird reason, the value of a certain parameter is popping up as a "01" string variable, rather that the expected value '1' as in a normal down-to-earth good ol' integer.

What is going wrong?! Drats.

This may seem like something unbelievably trite, but it is messing up my web analysis reporting tool, meaning that duplicate entries are appearing all over the place (one with the value of "01" and the other with a value of '1') when they should be adding up to one and the very same thing.

Some weird idiosyncrasy the way the Perl handles the concatenation of strings and integers I believe.

I am getting closer and closer, and I am almost there. Too bad it is taking me forever to figure this out when there are so many other more important matters I need to tackle before next week.


Maybe my old engineering experience could help here, probably not. Could your compiler be looking at your numbers in 4-bit bytes, or 8-bit words, or something along those lines?

I know that 0 is represented by 0000, or 00000000, and 01 can be represented by 0000 0001 or 00000000 00000001.

What cha think?

Well it might be an error with the dia program check that out

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