Temple of longing

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Sure it seems to represent a bunch of buildings of various shapes and configurations. Notice how the arrows seem to be pointing somewhere, but not really anywhere special. Various directions to the right and to the left but all of them aiming upwards. At the top of the drawing, the sun and the moon are prominent, but not overly so. Some might say that the tallness exudes some form of erotic motion, that being the longing part of the painting. But I am not so sure that I agree. It is not an exaggerated form of longing in the physical sense of things, but rather a slightly spiritual inclination. Maybe even a soft mixture of the body and the mind melting into each other. Note the yellowish and dreamy colors. That reddish fog smeared across the bottom of the scene. A longing in the religious manner which forms the platform, the structure, those pointing buildings, which define our very nature. In some ways not directly visible, but in a creative urge to attempt to define and/or describe that which does not lend itself very easily to such a process. Just a bunch of buildings around a temple and that's all.


I don't relate the verticality of the buildings to any freudian aspect, it is merely an attempt of an upwards exteriorizaton, an attempt of overcoming our horizontal dimension as humans... the red fog at the bottom may be interpreted as our flesh, a reminder that although and even though "body", it is possible to erect and rise from this condition, to expand in various directions.

Good point made, Rosa. Sometimes all of that Freudian twist on things gets out of hand. It just struck me at the time of the writing, but now when I look at it again with your words in mind, I have to admit that that conviction has decreased greatly.

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