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Recent experience has shown me beyond any reasonable doubt that having a stellar resume and extensive skills is a serious drawback in finding employment.

How many more times will I have to hear that I have an impressive resume and I am a really nice guy, however we regret to inform you that you are too qualified for this given position? How many more times?!

(No please, I do not care, I will do it anyway, no problem at all, yes sir, no madam, that kind of stuff, alright.)

Although it does not sound very fair, that is the way things are now. To me it sounds like a clear case of age discrimination. Is that legal?

Take a deep breath and continue.

Time to blemish my curriculum vitae some, scrap the impressive parts, and scratch out anything even subtly implying a higher more responsible nature. Throw in a bunch of junior this and junior that. Truncate the chronological career rise around ten years ago.

(Subtract ten years from my age, glue a patch of hair to my forehead, dab away the gray spots with black hair dye, build up those biceps, trim those elongated nose and ear hairs, liposuction and belly be gone.)

Wear an earring, grow a goatee, listen to house music, carry a backpack and mumble my words. Whatever you do, do NOT speak articulately and avoiding making too much sense.

Maybe that will help.


What do you say if they inquire about GishTeq.

To give an example:

Why are you giving up your company for a Job?

What has been your answer to that?

Dude - I totally dig it! I too need to subtract 10 years of my resume and lose 20 more pounds to get a second interview! I know it's age discrimination but it's impossible to prove. I have been looking for another job since 4/2002 (as you know). Maybe the economy will finally recover enough to help us both! ;-)

Yes, dear Bliss, what about my future famous company called GishTeq? That could certainly be seen as a negative point on my resume, I guess. However, I see it as a case in point that despite the throes of unemployment, I have chosen to keep active in the technology arena and exercises my creative brain cells. Why lie around depressed on the couch all day and feel sorry for yourself? Might as well take something seemingly negative and transform it into a positive energy pulse. Arise dear phoenix from the ashes of destruction. Hey, that's me! You cannot keep a good dog down, right? Certainly my market value has increased, not decreased.

Hey Pat, hang in there. Look at is this way: I will never be able to catch up with you. Unless of course you end up getting a job before I do!


No need to get philosophical, what would be your answer be in a real interview is what I was asking.

Or was that poetic?

I am very proud to have built up my company, but at present, while stable in the sense that it is a self-supported endeavor, it does not pay my salary. So out of necessity (and desperation) I tell the interviewer(s) that so-called "real" work takes priority at the moment. In other words, I would happily trade in my company for more stable full-time employment at an official company, wherever and whenever. Does that answer your question alright?

Dear Kiffin, Don't get me wrong but this is a no go. I have been interviewing a lot of people. And I think you will need to brush up. Though I understand where you are coming from, it sounds really negative. You will get yourself in to questions (or thought processes of the interviewer like:) Why do you feel your company and your endeavour isn't a real working environment? Is it because you don't look at it that in such a way it is a serious undertaking? Aren't you serious about it, hence the instability? How serious would you take your job with our company then? If you consider your company less official? (Is there such a thing as a less official company.) Don't talk about your salary to them, that it doesn't pay you (they don't really want to hear that). Simply draw their attention to the fact that you like to work in a larger self-directed team than your own network is currently offering, because that is where you fit in best when I look at your career objective in what you want to become part of. What do you think?

I guess all I can say is that I am glad I am not being interviewed by you, and probably I would not want to work for a company anyway that finds it necessary to ask these kind of irrelevant and personal questions. By the way, I never said my company is not a real working environment, and isn't the fact that you cannot support yourself financially (e.g. salary) a valid enough reason?

You are not interviewed by me. The question about why you intending to stop your activities in your own company is a valid question. It is not a personal question. You will find them asking that when you attend more interviews. Your company and you as a person are two total different things. Furthermore, this is a pretty personal web-site where you reflect your personality upon others, which is not a bad thing at all. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. But don't consider others joining in on reflecting their personal idea's to you a negative aspect by default. About your own personal finances, they are not a message to the interviewer. Do not mention them. It is as simple as that. On another note. Do not say you are happily to trade in your company. Let them inquire about that first, until then do not put it into a discussion. Make your negotiation strategy a strong one. It is business.

Alright Bliss, I think I can deal pretty well with that. I will give your suggestions a good think over next time before reacting prematurely (like a frustrated kid). I can especially relate to the idea that my so-called negotiation strategy not only needs to be strong, but also one which has been well thought out in advance.

Now you are talking :)

wooohooo :)

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