Obstacles get in the way

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At first it seemed that the best way to go was from here to there.

When that failed it seemed that there was a better way to get from here to a different there.

When that failed it seemed best to start somewhere else and then go from that new starting point to yet a different there.

When that failed it seemed that perhaps starting there and coming here might be a viable option.

When that failed it was time to stop and give it all a good think.

(Think, think...)

Obstacles only get into the way when you expect them to get in the way.

Pick a route without obstacles and/or choose to do absolutely nothing except wait wait wait and perhaps something else might pop up.

Totally and completely unexpected.

Isn't that what wholeness of surrender is all about?


obstacles are just opportunities waiting to be overcome

Yeah but... the whole gist of the matter is that perhaps by not becoming fixated on the idea of "having" to overcome them, the obstacles somehow get overcome without us trying so hard. Get it?

I totally get it - there are definitely other ways to get from here to there without having to worry about this and that on the way and sometimes that requires you to go there to get to another there that had nothing to do with the first there - just thought I would offer another thought on what to do about this and that which keep you from getting there.

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