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Hopefully this will make the GishTeq web site more attractive, and not inadvertently scare off too many people with its interesting message. Does it look professional enough or is just too flashy?

E-business is on the rise, so be sure that you are there as well!

Get the SWiSH file here.


The messages (questions) are good. These are a lot of the questions that we have to solve for our clients as well (don't worry, we aren't taking business right now). Frankly, and saying this in my friend voice, I am not so sure that the presentation is so much professional as merely interesting. Where are you planning to use something like this? I would recommend that the target area for the text would be a little to the right so that none of the text lies over a bar of the graph (which almost looks like an ad frequency chart). I also wonder what it would look like with fades/dissolves instead of zooms. Those are my thoughts. Hope I don't offend.

I kind of prefer that zoom in from big to small look, so I will leave it as is. Also, I felt that centering the text was more important than letting some parts get obscured by the bar graph behind. But I think you might be right, so I will try to shift it slightly to the left so it is more readable. Thanks.

Alright, it took some extra work but it was well worth it. I repositioned the text so that it always appears within a solid white background. Some of the longer two-liners had to be folded back into three lines, but no problem. Thanks Stu, I now have to admit that it tools a lot better.

It looks all dynamic and spiffy to me. I have only one question: What's a 'churn-rate'?

But I guess your prospective clients know what it is...

The official definition of churn can be found in my next entry called Churning away. Sometimes I fail to realize that maybe not everyone is familiar with the esoteric world of web metrics. Thanks for the question, Joan. Hope this helps.

much better!!!

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