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Alright here we go. The more exposure the better.

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Dank voor je melding.
We stellen een link vanaf jullie site naar zeer op prijs.

So tell me then, can you find it?


that was easy - you are listed as "niew!" the gishteq site is very nice - snappy!

Gishteq is indeed "niew"! Gets me wondering if that is something like the Knights who say Niew (or Nu)?

Of course that's not right - because the said Ni

Alright now, since no one yet seems to produce the correct spelling, I will spell it out for you: N-I-E-U-W! Now will someone out there get it right?

lol - but wasn't it enuf that we bended our little brainses and put the "i" in???

gosh, stu d, (is it okay to address other people here, kiffin? feels like i'm using another person's phone) i love the Knights of Neet!! i think that's what they said - "Neet, Neet, Neet!"

Chat with whoever your little heart leads you to as this is the place to do it. Though I can think of enough other more efficient mediums to communicate on a more personal level.

you are very gracious, kiffin; this is quite personal enuf for me - i guess i was addressing my enjoyment of the Knights to all; and btw, what is YOUR opinion of them?

My opinion of them? Well, it's been quite some time ago since I saw them for the last time, but as I remember I thought all the Monty Python stuff and anything even remotely related to that club was the grandest comedy team on this planet. Is that the right answer?

That HAS to be the right answer!

i'm pondering...

And? What's taking you so long?

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