Extends and prevents

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There's this guy out there and he wants to know everything. And I mean everything. Nothing more and nothing less. That is what he keeps telling me, what he has been telling me since I can remember. Way back then.

At first glance, this guy does not appear any bit out of the ordinary, except perhaps for the very slight limp he has on his left side. Or is it the right leg?

Well, there is also his long and untrimmed gray beard which is indeed out of the ordinary, so I am exaggerating a little if I fail to mention that also. Sorry about that. And that cap he is wearing which looks like it is about to fall off but never does. For some reason. Like it is glued to his forehead.

So this guy has to know everything. Everything, everything, everything. The only problem, and this is a very big problem depending on the way you view it, the annoying problem is that the process extends and then prevents.

Extends and prevents.

The process of knowing everything, the very process itself, extends the realm of information he needs in which to contain it all and thereby prevents the process of knowing from knowing everything. Get it? This is because the knowing part is not instantaneous, it takes time. With time flows more information which means that in the end it is impossible to know everything.

Like a balloon filling up with water but never bursting. Like the sky becoming bluer but never attaining the real blue of the sky as you would expect. Like that hissing sound over there which is a bunch of air escaping through a very small opening which does not.

Does not what? Just does not.

At least that is what I thought when this guy was trying to explain it all to me. How could I have been so very naive? He was right, and I should not have been so stubborn. Just ignoring him all of the time. Like that cap of his that would fall off any moment but never did.

So you see, the way it all really happens is a little different from what you would normally expect.


Hi there,
I came across ur blog and wanted to comment on how well planned and layed out it is! I'm impressed.
Keep up the good work!
I used to live in Aalmseer for 5 years, but i'm a brit and i came home at 16.
Been searching weblogs from Holland to see if i might stumble across and old best friend of mine called Ilana Blogg. And ur blog came up in that blogg search (although probably because u have the word 'blogger' around here somewhere i dunno)
Well she used to love to write then so its a small chance but i thought i'd keep my eyes peeled to see if she has discovered the wonderful world of blogging :-)

ANyway bye for now!
Fluffy (aka Clair)

argh i meant Aalsmeer of course.. damn typos

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