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"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."

- Albert Camus


i can vouch for that! i knew there was a reason i admired camus, besides the two novels of his that i've read, which i'm not sure that i liked because they seemed kind of creepy (the plague and the stranger) - he understands me! (wherever he is now)

Dead, long gone and dead is the poor soul.

i know - but where has he gone to? is he back here on earth in another living he in another he in heaven...or hell...or is he enriching the soil...???

And in what form have you Mairy returned to this planet, if I may ask?

lol - then - seriously, if you are referring to my present form, then we know 1.) i am a human, and you can guess that i am a female human, which is correct; if you are referring to past reincarnations, then i can only guess myself, but suspect there were at least two: one as a man in early 17th century London, and one as a woman in mid 17th century New York - so I was busy during that century! but i must add that i'm not totally convinced that reincarnation occurs...but it does help to explain some things, such as why we feel such intense affinity for certain places or times; why people like mozart, et al, ghandi, eistein were/are so advanced in their talents and so sure of their paths....and how about you - past lives?

My first thought when seeing the quote was 'then, why BOTHER to be 'normal'', 'normal' being a word for all things boring and normal. And then I see the conversation about reincarnation. Fascinating! I don't really know about such things. I know some people have a real affinity for certain ages. Julia (if curious as to who she is, here's the URL. ) is quite attracted to the Greco-Roman era. Maybe there's a reason. I sure like to think there is. Me? I haven't a clue.

Normal does not necessarily mean you are boring, so why bother to be normal, again and again.

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