The house where Kiffin grew up

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This is the house in Asheville, North Carolina where my hero Kiffin Yates Rockwell grew up.

The house that Kiffin Yates Rockwell grew up

Now if it weren't for Asheville, and if this house had never been built, and if the Rockwell family had never moved here, and if that garden had been planted a slightly different way, would I still be here? What about that tree in the front yard? The one that Kiffin had more than likely climbed alot during his childhood, slowly but surely collecting enough courage as he grew to adolescence, just the beginning of his brave and dauntless adventure at even higher altitudes where shooting down those Germans during WWI was such an important endeavor?


Asheville is one of the prettiest towns I've ever visited. I'd never heard the name "Kiffin" before until meeting you, and assumed it was a European name at first. That's a great story :)

It's fun to look back and ponder history. I just had some friends provide me with some pictures of my mother's home-town in Germany. When she saw those pictures she was extatic. It is wild to look at something and realize that you relatives have been there years and years before.

I must visit there some day, the area looks beautiful! I was raised in the suburbs and still do.

PS - my refererer is still locked at 100. A glitch in the Matrix perhaps??

Sorry Splog that your are maxxing out at one hundred. Exactly what Matrix are you referring to anyway?

interesting - thought it was just me - my referer number has been locked at 65 for a while. There must be something afoot in the matrix

... there is no spoon ...

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