Lots of water

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For our wedding anniversary, Thea and I spent the weekend spoiling ourselves in the south of Holland at a health retreat called Thermae 2000.

Just floating around in luke-warm water, inhaling all the super-healthy fumes and other scents, soaking in the afternoon rays, running around naked from one sauna to the other, savoring a fancy five coarse dinner of French cuisine, etc. All the while far away from the noise of the kids and society.

Hard to believe that we have been married now for exactly 18 years, and that we have known each other exactly 23 years. That is exactly half my life time ago.

1 Comment

Happy Belated Anniversary!
Congrats on your long and happy life together!

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  • Lots of water: Happy Belated Anniversary! Congrats on your long a ...
    - Joan Lansberry

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