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Here are the top searches so far for this month. In other words, the following phrases are what people who come to my homepage are looking for:

  • hurni
  • riding
  • barefoot
  • discordic colors
  • effective java
  • enneagrams
  • eva luna
  • horse
  • lingo
  • poems
  • previous lives
  • sabien
  • switserland
  • tao
  • vous prie de vous y rendre
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It's fun to track search results that lead people to a site. Sometimes they make sense (I have a lot of people reaching my site searching for "pinched nerve shoulder"), solmetimes they don't (I have some people reaching my site while searching for "milky women"). Mainly my site gets a lot of searches for books and authors, but this month a lot of people have come looking for "scrabout", "bagel dogs", and "earth below drifiting falling". Stats are fun!

I don't know how I got here... I was searching for David Tao... do you have any idea?

Probably has something to do with your tao I would think, or not?

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