Baghdad has fallen

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Baghdad has fallen which means that one more insignificant thug has been beaten by a much larger and more powerful thug. Winner takes all. But where did the smaller thug and all his cronies escape to? And more importantly, where will the bigger and more powerful thug now turn to now that he needs yet another insignificant thug to beat up on in order to build up his confidence even more? The trick is to try and stay out of the way as best as you can without appearing to be on the wrong side. Either you are in on this with us or you are our mortal enemy. Sorry, there is no inbetween.


I hate that 'there is no inbetween'. So you are seeing that from your country. It's even stronger here. And also, what is amazing is all the REPUBLICAN owned businesses that are all clamoring for a share of the profits 'rebuilding' Iraq.

Not really fair at all, and no one seems willing to admit this (because greed is powerful and makes people dishonest -- especially in the US where such much activity is driven by commercialism). Oh well, let's just hope that Bush and his cronies don't consider us enemies by accident (or intentionally). Stay out of the way if you can.

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