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The process of individuation is a never-ending struggle which can be compared to a religious quest. Whether you realize it or not, each and every one of us has embarked on this journey from the moment of birth. Perhaps even initiated before birth and perhaps even continued after death. What's the difference? The trick is to pay careful attention to the subconscious right now in order to figure this out. There is a thin line which at the lowest level of detail looks like a churning sea of micro-waves and micro-bubbles bursting all over the place. Wholeness and integration are necessary conditions, made clearer through fantasies or dreams or slightly different ways of thinking about the this and the that. At times this slightly different way of thinking can verge on the insane, putting you in an unusual and uncomfortable situation that has to be dealt with through your own honesty and perseverance. Strange how such a necessary quest can in the end lead to your complete destruction, your ultimate demise. So please be alert out there, walk carefully. Belief in your own talents and strengths is a good way of avoiding such an unwanted premature end. But it is not a guarantee.


Okay, so you are a fellow blogger who just might live around the corner from me. Perhaps we have even passed each other on the street somewhere. But I think you got your world coordinates wrong, or you are just trying to conceal your true identity is all. So where are you folks really?

To tread carefully through the spiritual jungle, or ANY jungle, one needs to learn to trust their intuition. One needs to listen BETTER to their intuition, so we can sense 'this feels right', 'this feels wrong'. It's a wonder-filled journey when we do that....

Oh, and a dose of reason never hurts, either, as a counterbalance...

That is very true Joan, but what is intuition really and how do you know for sure that it is your intuition you are listening to and not some other unwanted character hiding over there just to bug you?

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