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This morning I was supposed to give an important presentation. However, when I woke up, I realized that for some reason I had completely forgotten about it. Being totally unprepared, it was still necessary for me to accommodate the roomful of spectators I had invited, many of whom had traveled from afar in order to attend my important (perhaps even historical) speech. I was led down the hall by someone who was carrying the agenda rolled up in his fist, until I stood in front of the door with beads of sweat on my forehand. From behind the door, I could hear the buzz of heated conversations echoing inside. All of these educated philosopher-poets who were expectantly awaiting my many words of wisdom and various challenging insights into how it really was or was meant to be. For the life of me, I could not remember what the title of my presentation was nor what it was supposed to be about. No need to worry? I could admit that I had forgotten and was therefore ill-prepared, making a big joke about it before continuing on. Or I could also randomly select some so-called interesting topic as if it somehow was related to the original of which I was unaware. What would be the chances that the two were even remotely related? Or I could just admit the truth seriously, shake my shoulders and run away. Or just faint and hope it all went away. There was no way that I would let them down, my dedicated companions and followers. They were counting on me. I was pretty darn nervous but knew that the show would begin shortly. It would have to be an ad hoc presentation, but I felt confident that I could manage. At least I could always (hopefully) make myself wake up if anything went wrong.


Spooky! Tomorrow is my first day back since my bump on the head and at 10.00 am I have to give a presentation to 20 senior people from a range of businesses. Sadly I don't think waking up would get me out of trouble - maybe I should try blacking out again?

Maybe you could use that bump on your head to your advantage? Kind of like a thinking cap.

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