Vacuuming can be fun

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One might not expect it at first, but actually the act of vacuuming can be alot of fun. That is, if you put your mind to it and realize that such a so-called simple activity can afterall be very fulfilling indeed. All those tiny crumbs, particles of things and specs of dust being sucked up into oblivion never to be seen again. The sound of the larger objects rattling against the metal tube or ricocheting as they pass through the ribbed hose, and then nothing more. At first, everywhere you look there are irritating irregularities on the floor. Just try walking along the surface in your bare feet and you will know what I mean. All those soggy irregularities stuck to the bottom of your feet and inbetween the toes. I choose the more logical (boring) approach of following parallel mental bands, over which I vacuum, much like mowing the imaginary lawn. On the linoleum floor one must adjust the angle of the end-piece such that there is a slight wedged-up opening through which the larger particles can fit through. Otherwise if you press down too hard it is just like sweeping the particles away rather than sucking them up inside. In the end, I think I much prefer vacuuming the carpet. Not only does this give one a smooth and pleasant return on the sliding arm movements, but just the sight of that woven fabric first resisting and then popping back in place is enough to cause goose bumps and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The wonderful art of vacuuming the place. Hopefully some day I will become an expert vacuum engineer, but that will take years of practice.


Ich esse eine blau und lila katze!

While my Swedish/German is not that great, I think I kind of know what this message says: "I have a blue and lilac cat." Very, very interesting. But I could be wrong.

i looked into translating this wierd message
and it says, "i eat one blue and purple cat". whatever that has to do with a vaccuum!
peace out

Sorry, but I don't get it.

It says she likes to use the vacuum on her (another name for cat but anatomical body part) until it turns blue and lilac, gives her great pleasure

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