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This evening I received a truly amazing email from someone I just happened to come across perusing my way through the web someplace, everywhere and/or nowhere. Truly amazing. I take the liberty now to include this email here for the readers' late night entertainment.

Subject: No problem, dude...

Mr. Kiffin... Lemme explain sumtin' here: As you know, or can probably realize, I, too, am a mortal sinner. And I was 15 when my girl passed-away. However, I'm like Jeremiah (Old Testament) in that I had NO IDEA what the Trinity wanted from me and I still don't. But, I'm trying to live a good life in preparation for Heaven, I go to a Roman Catholic church (almost) daily, I teach (NOT PREACH - nobody wants that) through my URL ( <--- that's a URL if you don't know: Universal? Resource Locator), and try to find my Way home in this Finite Existence, walking along the narrow path to Utopia. Life, as you very well know, is quite finite. And we're put here to see if we follow God. God's very, very, very forgiving: The Trinity wants us ALL in Heaven, but Satan only wants us puny mortals to worship him, thus, he puts roadblocks in our Way home to lead us down. But, if we say NO, Satan, "I DON'T WANT NONENA YOU, ya sacka dung" and repent, as I did today, whoa... dude, you've made it. And if you shall fall again? No problem-o. Just repent B4 a priest again. Why? Age old question: Why am I a mortal? And why do I sin? Mr. Kryptonite, that's the mystery of God: If you stay true to God your whole life, as I can't (but, I try), you'll make it to Utopia. How do you stay True? Another letter. I'll shall pray for you. Don't worry, be happy and true to God. Pax Vobiscum (Latin: Peace Be With You), friend. And I expect to see you Upstairs.

God bless you with discernment, friend.

One thing is sure. You got to check out this guys site. If you leave a message in his guestbook he will answer you within about a minute or two. Now this person could be completely crazy or he could be a total genius, or yet again he could also be a unique combination of the two. He could be sitting up there right now on the upturned palm of God's right hand. Or then again.


From my perspective, the website defines what I consider to be a poor website - complete with neon colors, unnecessary animated images, inconsistent design, and silly HTML tricks. It also hits on a nerve of mine as I try and decipher whether the person really gets it. Maybe so and excitement has run amuck and left education in the dust. Well, those are my opinions and I suppose I am welcome to my own opinions!

The fact that this person has in the end resulted in you writing this comment is enough to show that the site deserves some kind of attention. Are those animated images really unnecessary, or do they define the essence of what this person is trying to get at? Of course, you are welcome to your opinions, just like everyone else.

He's very enthusiastic, that's for sure.

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