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This is me at the Orioles ballgame...I'm Marlies (my webpage here), and Kiffin asked me to write something in his blog. So I'll tell you what I think about Kiffin!

Now kiffin is sitting next to me on the other computer, so I'll tell you only the nice things what I think about him...

America is Kiffin's fatherland, and I'm proud of it that I'm also half American. So this summer we went on vacation to America. If you know Kiffin well, then you can really notice he has a much better mood there, then usually in Holland.

Kiffin also has a very nice website, very big. If you want to know something about him, don't ask him, but just look on the webpage, and you can find everything about him. Actually, if I read his blog, I'm also more up to date about Kiffin. He really wright more in his blog, then he tells personally.

Today we went Golfing in "Moordrecht". If you compare the golf course with golf courses in America this one was very small, but for here in Holland it was a nice one. It was fun, Kiffin bought golf shoes and a golf glove in America, and he also brought his golf clubs back from America, so he was all set.

I don't really know more things to write so that's it!

~~~Written by Marlies Gish


Thanks for the update Marlies! Perhaps you should start your own blog. :)

I love this entry. It is good to see Kiffin from a different angle!

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  • About my dad: I love this entry. It is good to see Kiffin from ...
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  • About my dad: Thanks for the update Marlies! Perhaps you should ...
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