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This month I have a first class train ticket. At first I was a little hesitant about paying the extra sixty euros to be able to travel first class. Feeling a little guilty about forking out even more money for myself made the decision even more difficult. To be honest, I was sick and tired of having to stand all the time, thirty minutes each way, often in extremely crowded circumstances being pressed hard against other sweating and breathing bodies. Not that I have anything against my fellow human beings, but this was asking too much. Being pressed together like that is inhuman afterall. You would think that the train should offer an attractive service people would wish to buy. But that is not the case. Often enough I was in or near a smoking carriage which when combined with the swerving motion of the train made me feel pretty nauseas. However, now after having enjoyed the comforts of first class for three days now, I have to admit that it is a quantum leap in comfort. What an improvement indeed! So what, if you can afford it why not do it? Sitting is no longer a luxury as there is always at least one spot free. The people I end up sitting next to are far less grungy and more respectable in sight as well as in smell. I will try first class out for the month of June and come to a conclusion if it is really worth continuing. Being objective in making this difficult decision will be close to impossible as it is obviously biased by a month's experience of increased comfort and relaxation. The times just before work and just afterwords are important moments to contemplate and prepare. Time to catch the next train to Gouda.


I would be interested in paying attention to any possible change in your productivity during the day and at home. Are you happier at work because you had a decent trip in? Are you more family friendly when you get home because you didn't have to stand under the armpit of some daringly grungy person? I wouldn't just consider the trip itself. You have to get more out of it than just a decent seat on the train!

First of all kudos on a very nice and clean looking site :)

Second of all it's nice to see that the transport in other European countries can be as unbearable as here in the UK :( After years of travelling on the London Underground I feel your pain...... I agree with Stu about the productivity issue and I would pay extra just to be happier!

I agree that I just look beyond analyzing only the time spent in the train and extend my measurement to include the rest of my waking (and perhaps even sleeping) hours for improved quality. Correct that the rest of the day will go smoother because of a good beginning sitting comfortably in the train. And yes, my mood at home when I return from work will by nature be of the more jovial time.

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