Cross in the sky

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At first I could not believe my own eyes. Right there in front of me just above the horizon I could see it forming slowly. What was first a solid blue backdrop began to crack as a thin and jagged line of clouds condensed and then formed a vertical line. Starting from the bottom it rose to the top of the sky. One long thin razor-sharp line extending at a forty-five degree arc along my line of sight. A moment's pause and then from left to right in the very same way, the line half as long and half as high above the center mark of the vertical arc. To my amazement it formed a cross, the two lines intersecting at a perfect ninety degree angle. Top to bottom and left to right, or was it the other way around? Actually it really didn't matter. Then just as quickly as the cross had appeared, it began to dissolve as the wind high up scattered the condensed white to one side, smearing the perfect cross downwards and to the right as if someone had smeared it across a blue canvas. With one careless movement of his hand. Who was doing that? It was not a vision nor was it a dream. It was really happening. It had really happened. And there it was: the proof was right in front of my eyes! At least until it dissolved, blew away and then completely disappeared from my life. Would anyone believe me? Probably not. I would never see such a sight again, at least not for many more years to come.


Very beautiful. I wish I had been there myself to witness it. Regretfully, I spend 9-10 hours a day in a cube on the fifth floor of a building with windows, but I am four cubes away from those windows, and they keep the shades drawn... I often wish I could take my POS laptop and wireless LAN and sit on the front yard outside... but my laptop battery is no gooder than half an hour...

Hi there.

I read your story and I believe you because it happened to me also. I was living in miami back then and I was working at the marco polo hotel as a bellhop. The day was, november 5th 1995, the day that Mr Rabin was shot in Israel. I went to work in the afternoon at 3PM as usual and as I entered through the lobby, an old jewish man that was watching the news told me about the tragedy that just had happened. This day was a half shift and I left work at 7PM. At 8PM, I drove to Pompano Beach to have dinner with some friends. We were all talking on the balcony about the sad news when all of a sudden, one of the guys said that he could see a huge cross in the sky. We all thought that he was joking but as we looked up in the sky, there it was, the cross was miles long with the moon at it's center and then it gradually disappeared in front of our eyes like the wind was blowing it away. We all saw it and we were not drunk because it was about 8:30PM and I just arrived from miami. The sky was clear and the cross was very clear as well.
I will never forget this experience. I am a new born christian and I believe that this sign was from the Lord. Perhaps to confirm that Mr Rabin was now in heaven.
Bless you.

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