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I was never meant to be a teacher, because I have very little patience. This is especially true with one's wife where irritation is an inevitable consequence of that man-woman battle of wits. Technology versus intuition, who is going to win? First of all, Thea has been trying to learn Microsoft Word, and this morning she was practising with some excercises from her computer class which she attends every Thursday. She is still in the basics, and for someone like me who has been working with Word for almost ten years now, the gap in expertise is impossible to bridge. For example, centering text, using different fonts, that kind of thing. Not knowing when to double-click or when a single-click is enough. After having to repeat things more than two times (that is my limit) I lose patience and blow my stack. Why is this all necessary? The second example involves the use of our wireless telephones at home, so-called Dect phones. There are all kinds of fancy things you can do like putting someone on hold, transferring to another phone, handling call waiting, switching between incoming calls and internal calls, that sort of thing. But my wife has a heck of a time figuring this out also. Of course, I lose patience again and can get so mad, wondering why she just does not get it. Okay, it's simple. Just press here then select the R-button for the transfer. Wait until the other person picks up the phone and then hang up. Simple, isn't it? Could not be simpler. She gets confused and presses the R-button too early and then after retrying for the second time does the transfer okay but hangs up before I have the chance to pick up the other phone. At one point I was seriously wondering if she was just doing this on purpose just too bug me. No she was not, she is just not that technical she confesses. Alright then, I can forgive her for that. She always has to do the bills and the taxes for us, and that is an area of which I have absolutely no understanding, no patience, could care less about. Thanks alot Thea for doing that for me. I will try to be more patient in the future.

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