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This afternoon Lennart and I decided to head on into town on our bikes and hang around. You know, the usual father-son type of activity. Lennart is at that age when he doesn't have that much to say, so I can really appreciate the few times we spend together like this. When we did speak, we discussed his latest computer escapades, the new army clan he has started and the various multi-player tournaments he has organized for other so-called soldiers from around the world. Well, after having done the chores we had been assigned to do, we decided to award ourselves for the fantastic job we had done. So we bought ourselves a new Playstation2 games called Air Combat Distant Thunder, the latest and hottest genre-defining flight video mission game around. Of course, the moment we returned home, we dashed up to the new "entertainment headquarters" and fired up the fantastic game. Lennart was a born ace of course and I had alot of trouble figuring things out. Like how to turn the aircraft, which is pretty fatal if you cannot even maneuver in the air. You fly straight and just hang there like a sitting duck just waiting to be blown up by the enemy. Lennart was buzzing all over the place, shooting me down on average about every fifteen seconds. Killed would flash on the screen in bright red colors. I often just crashed for some unknown reason, and more than once smashed my plane into the side of some stupid mountain. What was I doing wrong? Turned out that when you want to go left, you first have to turn left and while your aircraft is pointed to the left you have to elevate in order to make the turn. Otherwise you just keep spinning around and around. Sorry, didn't know that. But now I do, so watch out. Life is great fun because you get to learn new things every day.

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